For over 9 years we have been helping Harley Davidson owners bring new sounds to their motorcycles. We use specific car audio products to add a new look and feel to your Harley Davidson unlike anything that you've ever heard before. With name brand products like DD Audio, Memphis Audio, Diamond Audio, Kenwood, Alpine, Sony, JL Audio, Hertz, Pioneer, and many others we bring a new sound to your Harley that you just can't get through your local dealership. From simple upgrades like new speakers in the fairings or a new radio to replace the stock head unit; to more profound sound from large amplifiers and speakers in or on the saddle bags and also in your tour pak. We can help you achieve the sound that you are looking for! No matter what your budget is or what your sound expectations are, we've got you covered. From simple to extravagant we do it all. Our custom work will not be found at your local Harley Dealership or Car Audio store. We work on one thing, motorcycle sounds, and we have it nailed! Give us a call today for your FREE ESTIMATE!!


  • Harley Davidson Stereo Upgrades
  • Harley Davidson Speaker Installations
  • Harley Davidson Saddle Bag Lids with Speakers
  • Harley Davidson Speakers in Saddle Bags
  • Amplifiers Installed
  • Gauge Mods
  • Custom Work
  • LED light installtions ​
  • Air Ride kits
  • Center Stands
  • LED lighting
  • Wheel upgrades
  • Bags, Fenders, Side Panels & more



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