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Nagy’s Customs’ was started in 2018 with the idea in mind of bringing a better product to the market. We’ve invested heavily in this product, but not just on the idea of putting speakers in saddlebags, as that was already done before. We wanted to bring to market a better product. A product that would give shops the ability to have a quicker turnaround time, and a product that even the most novice “DIYer” could install with ease. All of our products are made from CAD and CNC molds. The molds are CMM checked to verify the best tolerances to meet the standards shops and “DIYers.” In an effort to always improve our product, as well as stay ahead of the ever-changing custom motorcycle audio industry, we continue to reach out to many shops and customers for their invaluable feedback. On a daily basis we research speaker manufactures in the market, as well as those in the competition motorcycle audio scene, to come up with the best possible product.
In the making of our rings, we strategically pick out areas in the saddle bag that would be the most ideal mounting points, so that when installed, each side remains symmetrical, and the structural integrity of the bags stay intact. This attention to detail results in a clean install.

‘Nagy’s Customs’ works very closely with a chemist who’s available to them at any time, with any and all questions I have, or if a product needs to be tested. In an effort to make sure we keep turning out an quality product, we send random samples back to insure that the level of quality stays consistent from one order after the next.

While we and ‘Nagy’s Customs,’ are always turning out new products, before anything hits the market, it’s already gone through research and development, as well extensive testing for quality assurance, fit and fitment, and safety of the final product. The feedback we get back is always welcomed and appreciated, as it helps us turn out the best product possible. We are always aiming to please those of you with the highest standards! We will remain committed to the DIYers and shops, no matter how big or small, and we promise to always provide you with a quality product. A product that you’ll not only be happy to install in your bags, but one that you’ll be happy to open your bags and show off for its aesthetic value.
“I’ve always looked at myself as a ‘customer comes first’ kind of guy, and I understand the level of pride one takes in doing their own installs.” – Tim Nagy of ‘Nagy’s Customs’

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