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Boost your motorcycle audio experience with our premium 6.5" speakers! Designed for bikers who crave crystal-clear sound on the open road. Our motorcycle 6.5" speakers deliver impressive audio quality, ensuring your rides are a symphony of sound and style. Upgrade today for the ultimate riding soundtrack.

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What are coaxial speakers?

Coaxial speakers, often referred to as "coax" speakers, are a type of loudspeaker that combines multiple driver elements into a single unit, typically mounting a smaller high-frequency driver, or tweeter, in the center of a larger low-frequency driver, commonly known as a woofer. This design allows both low and high frequencies to be emitted from the same point, aiming to provide a more uniform sound dispersion pattern. Coaxial speakers are favored for their ease of installation and space-saving attributes.

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Factors to consider when choosing your coaxial speakers: 

Fitment: The first thing you should consider is the size of the speakers and where they will be installed on your motorcycle. The available space in your fairings, handlebars, or custom mounts will dictate the size of the speakers you can install. Make sure to measure the available space carefully to ensure the speakers you choose will fit properly.

Weatherproofing: Given that motorcycles are exposed to the elements, choosing speakers that are weatherproof or marine-grade is crucial. Weatherproof speakers are designed to withstand conditions like rain, moisture, and temperature fluctuations, which makes them a durable choice for motorcycle use.

Performance at High Speeds: At high speeds, ambient noise levels can be quite high, so you'll want speakers that have excellent sound output and clarity under these conditions. Look for speakers with higher sensitivity ratings and sufficient power-handling capabilities to ensure that the audio quality remains good even when you're riding fast.

Power Handling: Consider how much power the speakers can handle, especially if you plan to connect them to an external amplifier. Make sure the speakers can handle the wattage to avoid distortion and potential damage.

Installation: Some coaxial speakers are easier to install than others, so consider whether you'll be installing them yourself or hiring a professional. The complexity of installation could also affect your choice.

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Where on my motorcycle do these speakers go?

The location where you can install 6.5" coaxial speakers on your motorcycle largely depends on the make and model of your bike, as well as any existing or potential modifications. Here are some common locations where such speakers are usually installed:

Fairing: If your motorcycle has a front fairing, this is one of the most common locations for installing speakers. The fairing usually has built-in compartments or spaces where speakers can be installed.

Saddlebags: Some riders choose to install speakers in custom saddlebags, although this may require more extensive modification.

Custom Pods: Some riders create or purchase custom pods that can be mounted on various parts of the bike, like near the footrests or even on the rear fender, to house the speakers.

Before proceeding, make sure to check the speaker dimensions to ensure they will fit in your chosen location.

How will 6.5” coaxial speakers affect my motorcycle ride?

Installing 6.5" coaxial speakers on your motorcycle can significantly elevate your riding experience. These relatively lightweight speakers don’t affect your bike's weight distribution or handling, ensuring a seamless integration into your ride. Furthermore, adding these speakers can complement the aesthetic appeal of your motorcycle, giving it a more personalized touch. By carefully selecting and installing your 6.5" coaxial speakers, you can enjoy a richer, more enjoyable on-road audio experience.

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