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Marine Speakers | Marine Amplifier | Marine Radios

Wet Sounds is one of the Premiere marine audio companies in the market place today. They specialize in a complete line of marine audio products designed to withstand the elements that Mother Nature can throw at you!

Marine Speakers | Marine Amplifier | Marine Radios

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  • Marine Audio
  • Powersports Audio
  • Outdoor Audio

Product Line-up

 Unforgettable Sound

There’s nothing quite so fun and magical as an adventure with a soundtrack. Once you’ve experienced the Wet Sounds difference, you’ll never want to go back. From deep, rumbling bass to balanced midranges to crystal-clear treble, Wet Sounds stereos must be heard to be truly appreciated. Whether you’re a captain, an audiophile, or a little of both, you’re going to fall in love with your Wet Sounds system.

Garage Bagger Stereo is an Authorized reseller and installation company for all Wet sound products for your boats, power sports vehicles and any other vehicle looking for the next level of sound for your outside toys! 

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Wet Sounds Marine Audio: Amplify Your Boating Experience with Top-of-the-Line Audio Systems

Wet Sounds stands as a premier name in the marine audio industry, specializing in a comprehensive range of audio products meticulously designed to withstand the challenging conditions imposed by Mother Nature. With a product lineup that includes marine speakers, amplifiers, and radios, Wet Sounds caters to all your marine audio needs, ensuring that your time on the water is accompanied by unparalleled sound quality.

Product Range Tailored for the Marine Environment

The Wet Sounds collection is specifically engineered for various outdoor settings, with a strong focus on marine audio. This lineup includes:

  • Marine Radios: Crafted for clear, reliable communication and entertainment on the water.
  • Marine Amplifiers: Designed to enhance sound quality and power, even in the open marine environment.
  • Marine Coax Speakers and Component Speakers: Offering exceptional sound clarity and volume, perfect for the marine setting.
  • Marine Wake Tower Speakers: Specially designed to project sound over the noise of the water and wind.
  • Marine Subwoofers: Available in open air, sealed, and sealed and ported options, these subwoofers deliver deep, impactful bass.
  • Powered Subwoofer Kits: Available in sizes like 6.5”, 8”, and 10”, these kits enhance the bass in your boat's audio system.
  • Outdoor Coolers with Audio: A unique combination of functionality and entertainment for your outdoor adventures.
  • Outdoor Patio, Lawn, and Pool Speakers: Perfect for extending your audio experience beyond the boat.

Unforgettable Sound Experience

Wet Sounds is synonymous with an unforgettable audio experience. Their systems are designed for those who appreciate the finer details in sound, from the deep, resonant bass to the crystal-clear treble. Whether you’re an audiophile, a boat captain, or someone who enjoys the blend of both, Wet Sounds ensures your maritime adventures are always set to the perfect soundtrack.

Your Authorized Dealer and Installer: Garage Bagger Stereo

Garage Bagger Stereo takes pride in being an authorized reseller and installation expert for all Wet Sounds products. Whether for boats, power sports vehicles, or any outdoor equipment, Garage Bagger Stereo ensures your Wet Sounds system is perfectly installed for optimal performance. If you're searching for specific products that aren't listed on the website, Garage Bagger Stereo encourages customers to reach out at 864-334-6131 for personalized assistance. Experience the next level of sound for your marine and outdoor adventures with Wet Sounds Marine Audio, expertly provided by Garage Bagger Stereo.