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Welcome to Dirty Bird Concepts' at Garage Bagger, the ultimate source for motorcycle audio equipment and custom parts by the renowned John Shope. From his start as an artist to a local business owner to becoming a pivotal figure in the motorcycle customization world with a great reputation, Shope, known as "The Risk Taker," has pushed the boundaries of design and functionality. Creating the finest quality products made from virtually indestructible NYB polymer and designed for superior fit ensures that every ride is exceptional and your hardware is in good hands.

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Dirty Bird Concepts - Harley

Enhance your Harley-Davidson's look and performance effortlessly with Dirty Bird Concepts. Our online store simplifies your shopping experience, offering an extensive selection of American-made aftermarket parts tailored specifically for your Harley. Dive into detailed catalogs enriched with customer reviews, and explore a wide array of products designed to elevate your ride. Enjoy the convenience of FedEx delivery, secure online transactions, and the unparalleled satisfaction of customizing your bike with premium parts from the comfort of your home. Gear up to transform your Harley with Dirty Bird's superior craftsmanship, delivered directly to your doorstep.

Dirty Bird Concepts - Indian 

Amplify the distinctiveness of your Indian motorcycle with custom parts from Dirty Bird Concepts. Delve into our wide selection of components specifically designed for Indian bikes, including high-performance exhaust systems and bespoke aesthetic enhancements. With Dirty Bird, acquiring custom parts for your Indian motorcycle is a smooth and tailored experience, offering the luxury of having your purchases delivered right to your door. Elevate your ride today with Dirty Bird's American-made, custom-crafted components, and make your Indian motorcycle truly one-of-a-kind.

The Dirty Bird Philosophy


Dirty Bird Concepts is on a mission to revolutionize custom motorcycles by merging innovation with artistry. Inspired by John Shope, Dirty Bird crafts motorcycles that redefine style and performance, building a community passionate about breaking new ground.


Dirty Bird’s vision is to lead the custom motorcycle industry, inspiring riders and artists worldwide. Envisioning a future where every ride showcases creativity without limits, transforming roads into art.


At the heart of Dirty Bird Concepts are innovation, artistry, and quality. Pushing the envelope with bold ideas and fearless risk-taking, committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our legacy is built on authentic, groundbreaking designs.

Dirty Bird Concepts Uses 

Elevate your ride with Dirty Bird Concepts audio equipment, now available on our site for your motorcycle customization. Imagine cruising the highways enriched by the highest quality sound and design. Our selection of Dirty Bird Concepts gear is engineered to meet the unique challenges of outdoor environments, offering weather-resistant and durable audio solutions that ensure your music is crystal-clear, regardless of the elements.

For motorcycle riders, our range includes speakers that are not only built to withstand wind and weather but are also designed to fit seamlessly with your bike's aesthetics, enhancing every journey with unmatched sound quality. And for those who take to the water, our marine audio equipment is both weatherproof and saltwater-resistant, ensuring your boating or fishing trips are accompanied by robust, high-quality audio that stands the test of time.

Dive into our catalog to find the perfect Dirty Bird Concepts audio system for your motorcycle. Whether you're seeking the clarity of high-range tones or the deep resonance of bass, our products promise to transform your adventures into unforgettable soundscapes. Shop with us today and discover the difference premium audio can make on your next outdoor adventure.

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Garage Bagger: Only Carrying the Best

At Garage Bagger Stereo, we're committed to offering only the cream of the crop when it comes to audio equipment, and in our opinion, Dirty Bird Concepts proudly stands among the elite brands we carry. We know that great sound is an essential thing for your riding or boating experience, and Dirty Bird's range of parts fits the bill perfectly. But we get it—choosing the right equipment for your specific motorcycle or boat can feel overwhelming. That's why our team of experts is always here to help. With deep product knowledge and a passion for audio, we'll guide you through the decision-making process, ensuring you get the perfect audio setup for your needs. Thanks for checking out Dirty Bird and choosing Garage Bagger Stereo, where quality and expertise come standard.