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Rockford Fosgate is one of the leading marine audio companies in the market place today. They specialize in a complete line of marine audio products designed to withstand the elements that Mother Nature can throw at you! Call Garage Bagger Stereo today for sales and installation of Wet Sounds products.  Authorized dealer!


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Rockford Fosgate Marine Audio

Rockford Fosgate sets the standard for marine audio with rugged, durable speakers and components designed for the harsh marine environment. Featuring salt and moisture resistance and UV inhibitors, their products meet strict marine-grade standards, ensuring flawless performance in any weather. Shop GarageBagger Stereo for the best in marine audio. 

Advanced Technology for Perfect Sound on Water 

Rockford Fosgate's commitment to innovation is evident in their Rockford Fosgate Color Optix line and RF Connect app, which allow users to manage sound settings and LED colors directly from their mobile devices, creating a personalized ambiance on any vessel. The integration of color Optix with marine speakers and subwoofers enhances the aesthetic and sensory experience, making every boating excursion uniquely enjoyable. With features like marine subwoofers that deliver deep, resonant bass and full-range speakers engineered for clear, powerful sound output, Rockford Fosgate ensures superior sonic clarity even in the open air.

Engineered to Perform in Harsh Marine Conditions 

Rockford Fosgate audio components are meticulously crafted to endure the harsh realities of the marine setting. Speakers and subwoofers feature mineral-filled polypropylene cones and stainless-steel grille inserts that resist corrosion and damage from UV rays, while their Punch amps provide robust power handling capabilities to keep the music going strong. Whether you're navigating a calm lake or facing choppy seas, Rockford Fosgate's audio solutions offer reliability and performance, allowing you to focus on the journey with the soundtrack of your choice.

Installation and Customization: Tailored to Your Boating Lifestyle 

Rockford Fosgate's marine audio systems are as versatile as they are durable. With options for component systems that include adjustable tweeters, octave crossovers, and removable grilles, you can customize your audio setup to fit the specific acoustics and design of your new boat. Installation is straightforward with tools and instructions designed for marine applications, ensuring that setup is as seamless as your sound. Plus, the option to choose your own color patterns via the Color Optix system adds a personal touch that stands out in any marine setting.

Rockford Fosgate Marine: The Soundtrack to Your Marine Adventure 

For boaters and marine enthusiasts looking for the ultimate audio experience, Rockford Fosgate offers the best in marine-grade audio solutions. Whether you're outfitting a small boat or a large yacht, Rockford Fosgate's comprehensive range of marine grade audio products—from tower speakers to robust amplifiers—ensures that every outing is accompanied by rich, detailed sound. Visit us today and see how Rockford Fosgate can transform your marine audio experience with products built to the highest standard of quality and innovation.