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The man, the myth, the legend, Lex Rivera, maker of grills, custom amp racks, and killer Bagger Audio and Baggers out the great state of IL.

Custom Harley Davidson Grills for lowers, fairing, lids, tour pak pods, and tour paks.  Dress that bike up!

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Introduction to XEL Customs Collection

Welcome to the XEL Collection at Garage Bagger, where excellence meets innovation. At Garage Bagger, we've built our reputation on curating a selection that features only the finest and most revered brands in the industry. Among these elite names, XEL stands out with its impeccable quality and pioneering designs. Whether you're in the market for robust grills, state-of-the-art amp racks, sturdy amp brackets, or reliable battery boxes, the XEL range of products promises not only top-tier functionality but also unmatched style and durability. Dive into the XEL Collection and experience the Garage Bagger assurance of premium quality and unparalleled performance.

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XEL Product Line:

  • Grills: Grills protect the delicate components of your speakers from external damage while enhancing their aesthetic appeal.
  • Amplifier Rack: Amp racks provide plenty of room for mounting and showcasing amplifiers, ensuring optimal airflow and efficient heat dissipation.
  • Amp Brackets: Amp brackets securely hold and position the amplifier, preventing vibrations and ensuring stable sound output.
  • Battery Boxes: Battery boxes safeguard the battery, ensuring a steady power supply to the stereo system while protecting against potential hazards and spills.

XEL Amp Racks: The Heart of Our Collection

Discover the heart of the XEL Customs Collection: our diverse range of amp racks. Designed to seamlessly fit in areas like the rear deck, beneath the front seat, or even near the spare tire, they’re adaptable for cars, motorcycles, and more. Amp racks on the market are usually made with materials like MDF, plywood, and reinforced metal. XEL amp racks use only the highest quality materials, meaning they aren't just about aesthetics; they prioritize functionality.

From holding your amplifier and sound processor to integrating with patch panels, our racks promise a streamlined setup. Considering a channel amp or sub-amp addition? Our designs accommodate various dimensions, ensuring every piece of equipment finds its place. Dive deeper and find the amp rack that transforms your audio landscape.

Power Wiring & Installation Essentials

The key to exceptional audio quality often lies hidden beneath the surface: in the power wiring and installation process. With XEL Customs Collection, every wire, from the battery connections to the amplifier, is curated for optimum sound delivery. Our selection includes wires designed for spare tire cover areas, rear seat setups, and more. Whether you're using a channel amp, sub amp, or a multifaceted sound processor, our power wire ensures a consistent energy flow.

If you're unsure about which wiring suits your system best, our team of experts offers a wealth of information. And with our affordable prices, you don't have to compromise between quality and cost. Whether you're retrofitting an older stereo or setting up a new system from scratch, our wiring and installation gear promises a sound transformation in your vehicle.

Shop the Trusted Brands Carried by Garage Bagger

Thanks to our unwavering commitment to quality, Garage Bagger proudly offers only the finest brands in the market, and XEL stands as a testament to this dedication. Every product in our catalog is more than just a thing; it's a promise, a way to ensure that every purchase from us delivers an unparalleled audio experience. We carefully curate our selection, ensuring each product meets the highest industry standards. At the heart of our offerings is a blend of durability, aesthetic appeal, and cutting-edge technology. Beyond the products themselves, the advantage of shopping with Garage Bagger lies in our devotion to customer satisfaction, timely support, and in-depth expertise in the audio realm. When you choose to shop with us, you're not merely buying a product; you're investing in a premium auditory experience.