Unleashing the Ultimate Sound Experience: Harley Davidson CVO 2023 and 2024 Audio Upgrades


Welcome to Garage Bagger Stereo, where passion meets precision in crafting the ultimate audio experience for your Harley Davidson motorcycle. Our latest audio solutions are meticulously designed for the 2023 CVO models and the brand-new 2024 Road Glide, Street Glide, and other touring models. Discover how our custom-tailored audio products can transform your ride into a concert on wheels.

Custom-Tailored Audio for Harley Davidson 2023 CVO & 2024

Products Overview

Amplifiers: Our high-performance amplifiers are perfect for seamless integration with minimal modifications.

Installation Parts: We provide all the necessary components to ensure a smooth installation process. From brackets to wiring kits, we've got you covered.

Plug and Play Kits: Simplify your installation with our plug-and-play kits designed specifically for Harley Davidson models. These kits ensure a hassle-free setup, allowing you to enjoy your upgraded audio system faster.

6.5" and 6x9" Speakers: Experience superior sound quality with our range of premium speakers. Designed for clarity and power, these speakers bring your music to life, delivering deep bass, clear mids, and crisp highs.

Lids and Speaker Installation: Our custom lids and speaker installation services ensure a perfect fit and optimal sound performance.


Fairing Removal and Modifications

Removing the fairings on newer bikes can be more challenging than on older models. To assist you, we provide step-by-step video guides for removing the fairings on 2023 CVO Road Glide and Street Glide models:

Modifications for Amplifier Integration

The introduction of the 2023 CVO and 2024 models brought new challenges and opportunities for audio upgrades. The CVO models feature a larger black Rockford Fosgate amplifier, while the standard 2024 models come with a grayish Fosgate amplifier. These amplifiers are integrated into the motorcycle and radio systems, making them difficult to remove. Instead, we add a second amplifier to enhance the system, much like in the car industry.

Steps for Integration

  1. Relocating the Stock Amplifier: Move the existing amplifier to the back of the radio and stand it up.
  2. Adding the New Amplifier: Position the new amplifier in front of the relocated stock amplifier.
  3. Modifying the Amp Rack: Adjust the current stock amp rack to accommodate both amplifiers. This involves minor modifications for smaller amplifiers like the SounDigital 800.4 Evox2 or Cicada Audio BDA600.4.
  4. Aggressive Modifications for Larger Amplifiers: For larger amplifiers, widen the amp rack and remove two tabs from the top of the headlight.

With these modifications, you can now add a second amplifier, significantly improving the aftermarket audio system's performance over the stock setup.


Speakers Breakdown

High-Performance Speakers: Our speakers are designed for clarity and power. They are available in sizes from 6.5" to 6x9" and can be added to saddlebags with 10" mid-range or subwoofers.

- 6.5" Speakers
- 6x9" Speakers
- 8” Mid-range Speakers 
- 10” Mid-range Speakers 

Subwoofers: Enjoy deep, rich bass with high-performance subwoofers for your Harley Davidson.

- 8” subwoofer
- 10” subwoofer

Professional Audio Solutions for your 23.5 to 24 Harley Davidson Motorcycles


At Garage Bagger Stereo, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional audio experiences tailored to a wide range of Harley Davidson models. Whether you ride a Road Glide, Street Glide, or any other touring bike, our custom audio solutions are designed to fit seamlessly and perform flawlessly. Here’s how we cater to each specific model:

Road Glides

The Harley Davidson Road Glide stands out with its distinctive shark-nose fairing and advanced features. Our audio solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with this iconic model, providing crystal-clear sound and robust performance without compromising on style.

Road Glide ST

The Road Glide ST is built for performance, and our audio systems enhance this ride with unparalleled sound quality. Experience deep bass, clear mids, and crisp highs as you carve through the streets, making your journey as thrilling as the destination.

Road Glide Limited

For the long-haul rider, the Road Glide Limited combines comfort and style. Our high-performance audio systems provide the perfect soundtrack to your adventures, delivering crystal-clear sound even at highway speeds. Enjoy your favorite tunes with our premium speakers and amplifiers, designed to keep you entertained on every mile.

Road King Special

The Road King Special is a classic cruiser with modern flair. Our audio solutions integrate seamlessly with its iconic design, offering powerful sound without compromising the bike's aesthetics. Elevate your ride with our custom-tailored speakers and amplifiers, ensuring every journey is accompanied by exceptional audio.

CVO Road Glide

The CVO Road Glide is the epitome of luxury and performance. Our top-of-the-line audio products match its premium features, providing an immersive sound experience that complements its high-end appeal. Transform your ride with our advanced audio systems, designed specifically for the CVO series.

Street Glide

Known for its sleek design and dynamic performance, the Street Glide deserves an audio system that can keep up. Our products are engineered to fit perfectly and deliver outstanding sound quality, making every ride more enjoyable. Whether you're cruising the city or hitting the open road, our audio upgrades enhance your Street Glide experience.

Ultra Limited

The Ultra Limited offers the ultimate touring experience, and our audio solutions take it to the next level. With features like powerful amplifiers and premium speakers, you can enjoy high-fidelity sound on every journey. Our custom installations ensure a perfect fit, enhancing your bike's performance and style.

CVO Street Glide

The CVO Street Glide combines cutting-edge technology with custom styling. Our bespoke audio systems are designed to match its sophistication, offering superior sound quality that complements its advanced features. Experience the pinnacle of motorcycle audio with our expertly crafted solutions.

Tailored Audio Solutions for Every Rider

No matter which Harley Davidson model you ride, Garage Bagger Stereo has the perfect audio solution for you. Our products are meticulously designed to fit each specific model, ensuring seamless integration and exceptional performance. Upgrade your motorcycle's audio system with our premium speakers, amplifiers, and installation kits, and transform your ride into a concert on wheels.


Hear the Difference with Garage Bagger Stereo

Don't just ride; immerse yourself in the ultimate sound experience. Our experts will help you select the perfect audio system for your Harley Davidson 2023 CVO or 2024 models, with easy online ordering, fast shipping, lifetime tech support on purchased products, and a local sales team with 2 locations for your installation. For all your Bagger Audio needs, GBS has you and your next adventure covered with the best sound for your motorcycles!

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