Upgrade Your Audio System for the Ride to Sturgis 2021


The roar of the engines, the breathtaking scenery, the fun family events—nothing truly compares to the Sturgis Bike Rally. Located in the City of Sturgis, South Dakota, this exciting experience brings in thousands of people every single year. As the event prepares for the 81st running of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, we’ve made a post that covers everything you need to know about the event.

Keep reading to learn some information about the rally, first-timer tips, top destinations to check out, and how you can make the event a trip to remember!

When Is Sturgis?

The 2021 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will be held from August 6th-15th in Sturgis, South Dakota.


Nothing compares to getting the gang together for a Sturgis ride! Here are the different rides on the agenda for the 2021 event:

1. Mayor’s Ride

The 19th annual Mayor’s Ride is happening on August 7th. The event is a longstanding tradition of the Sturgis Rally, and people from all over the world are excited for the ride each year. Not only does the drive give riders incredible views of the Black Hills, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to get everyone together!

2. Ride with a Local

Want a firsthand look at the local scenery and top destinations? If so, book a Ride with a Local! These rides are intended to give drivers an inside look at some of the leading attractions in the Black Hills. Rather than worrying about finding the best roads and routes, we handle it all for you! Bring your bike and our ride leaders will show you some of the top destinations in the area.

3. Director’s Sunrise Ride

Another fan favorite is the Director’s Sunrise Ride. Not only can you ride around with thousands of your friends, but the event also raises money to help battle pediatric cancer. The event travels along some of the most beautiful spots in the Black Hills, and the ride also includes a lunch and t-shirt!

4. The Medicine Wheel Ride

On August 8th, 2021, Sturgis has the Medicine Wheel Ride. The event is run by a non-profit organization to spread awareness of the Native American culture, including the Native American tribes in the local community. Participating in the event shows support for tackling issues that impact Indian Country. The registration fees from the ride go to local Native non-profits in the Black Hills area.

Sturgis 2021 Events

While Sturgis has motorcycle rides you’ll remember for a lifetime, there are plenty of other events for the whole family to enjoy. From golf and poker tournaments to mustache and tattoo contents, there’s something for everyone. If you bring your running shoes, there’s even a 5k race!

Here’s a full list of the events at Sturgis 2021:

  • Opening ceremony
  • Mayor’s Pub Crawl
  • Mayor’s Golf Tournament
  • Legendary Sturgis 5K
  • Mayor Poker Tournament
  • Tuesday Tattoo Contest
  • Military Appreciation Day
  • South Dakota Gold Star Families Memorial Monument
  • Xtreem Flat Track
  • Beard & Mustache Contest
  • Cole Freeman Jump
  • V-Twin Visionary Sturgis Performance Motorcycle Show

With so many events, you can have the time of your life at Sturgis 2021. But before making the trip, make sure your motorcycle stereo system is ready to go. Whether you need new Harley Davidson speakers or any other motorcycle audio components, Garage Bagger Stereo has you covered!

Best Places to Ride Around Sturgis

Aside from attending events and going on rides, you’ll probably want to take some adventures on your own. Here are some of the best places to check out:

1. Mt. Rushmore

Going to Sturgis isn’t complete without a trip to the incredible Mt. Rushmore. Although the destination brings in large crowds, seeing the mountain is well worth it. But you really don’t even have to travel to Mt. Rushmore National Memorial to get good views—you can easily get a glimpse right off route 244.

2. Iron Mountain Road

Peter Norbeck National Scenic Byway, also known as Iron Mountain Road, is another epic drive that makes Sturgis amazing. Not only does this trek offer breathtaking views of Mt. Rushmore, but you’ll also pass through three unique granite rock tunnels.

3. Vanocker Canyon

A trip through Vanocker Canyon provides one of the most exciting rides in Sturgis. This 17-mile run travels in the Black Hills, featuring steep roads and unique twists and curves. If you want to get your heart pumping with an exciting thrill ride, the Vanocker Canyon drive won’t disappoint! 

First-Timer Sturgis Tips

With thousands of people flocking to Sturgis every summer, several attendees are first timers. If this will be your first time at the event, check out the tips below:

1. Where to Park

Luckily, parking is easy at Sturgis. Motorcycle riders can park right on Main Street, and it’s free! If you don’t want to park next to thousands of other bikes, you can park just about anywhere else downtown.

2. When to Arrive

When you arrive really depends on what events you care about or what rides you will be participating in. However, to catch tons of action, many people arrive the weekend before the Sturgis Rally.

3. Weather

It’s important to note that Sturgis gets warm during August. However, morning and evening temps are cool. We recommend bringing light and breathable clothing options, but we also suggest taking along a jacket and some pants. Also, since rainstorms can be severe, you should also carry a rain jacket and windbreaker.

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