Motorcycle Stereo Parts Holiday Gift Guide


The holiday season has finally arrived! While you’re planning your winter adventures on your motorcycle, you can’t forget about buying gifts for your loved ones. And while you’re at it, buy yourself something nice!

For all those motorcycle lovers in your family, Garage Bagger Stereo has the products you can trust. From high-tech radios to heart-pounding subwoofers, we can find you the leading stereo goods in the industry. Garage Bagger Stereo provides top-of-the-line motorcycle products to make this holiday one to remember!

Not sure which presents to grab? Have no idea where to start? You’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’ll discuss some of our best holiday deals. Keep reading to learn what we have to offer.

1. Motorcycle Speakers

If you’re looking to gift some raw power, then you can’t go wrong with some high-quality motorcycle speakers! When you hook up the perfect speakers to your motorcycle stereo system, it takes the whole riding experience to another level.

Coaxial Speakers

Garage Bagger Stereo is happy to carry a wide variety of coaxial speakers. While these aren’t the best-of-the-best when it comes to speakers, they still pack a serious punch. If you’re looking for some fantastic coaxial speakers, check out the Hertz MPX 165.3 PRO Coax (Pair) or the Beyma 8CX300ND/N- 8" Coaxial Speaker (Single).

Component Speakers

For the best sound quality in the business, shoot for some component speakers. Once you hear these bad boys in action, you’ll never go back to those standard speakers again. Here at Garage Bagger, we carry several different component speaker options. One of our best products is the Hertz MPK 165.3 Component Speakers, which comes with some highly advanced technology. Another great choice is the Hybrid Audio Technologies L61-2SE 2 Way Component System, which are some of the loudest, most awesome speakers in the industry.

2. Radios

While speakers are the lifeline behind a motorcycle stereo system, the radio makes all the magic happen. That said, make sure you choose a radio that’s well-suited for your system. But with so many different options out there, finding the ideal unit can be a challenge. Luckily, we’re here to help! Call us today, and we can help you choose the perfect radio for your needs.

Does your family member need a new radio for their Harley? If so, Garage Bagger has them covered. For an industry-leading choice, consider the Rockford Fosgate Plug and Play Radio 98-13. This beast offers oversized buttons for easy control, a high-quality 3-inch display, and 4-Volt pre-amp outputs. Whoever gets this gift, they’ll be blown away!

For something a little more cost-effective, check out the Alpine UTE-73BT Harley Davidson Radio. As Alpine is one of the top brands in the industry, this radio does not disappoint. This package also comes with an easy-to-follow installation kit!

3. Amplifiers

As radios and speakers are essential to a great-sounding ride, you can’t forget about an amplifier! While these aren’t always necessary, they work perfectly in systems with subwoofers or high-powered speakers. And when you add some extra power to your motorcycle audio components, you’ll notice a huge boost in quality.

If your friend or loved one is looking for the very best Harley stereo upgrade, consider buying them an amplifier from Garage Bagger Stereo! As an amplifier is key to a high-quality stereo, it makes for the perfect gift.

If you’re looking to stay under $450, we have the SounDigital EVOX 800.4 Amplifier. This bad boy sends an incredible amount of power to four channels. If someone in your family needs a single channel amp, check out the SounDigital EVOX2 3000.1 Amplifier. This showstopper offers a max power of 3000 watts!

3. Subwoofers

As you’re roaring down the road on your bike, feeling the vibrations of a subwoofer is an experience like no other. For those looking for a top-of-the-line motorcycle stereo system, adding a high-quality subwoofer is a step in the right direction. And Garage Bagger has you covered! We’re happy to carry some exceptional subwoofer options.

If you want the perfect gift, go for the Kicker 8" Solo-Baric L7S Subwoofer. Offering distortion-free bass and 900 watts of peak power, this system will turn some heads.

Another amazing option is the Alpine 10" Subwoofer D4 or D2. Its large size helps provide great sound, and the 1800 watts of peak handling is also impressive!

4. Extras & Add-ons

Harley audio systems aren’t complete until you add some extras. Don’t worry—Garage Bagger Stereo has those too! For those special people in your life, buy them something that will take their motorcycle to new heights. For some exciting nighttime riding, check out the XKGlow Pro LED Lighting Kit. These simply hook up to a motorcycle for an incredible light show! You can also choose from 16 million color options, and the lights can even sync up with your music!

Speaker grills are some other great add-ons. These not only add style to your bike, but they also help to keep your speakers clean and protected. Here at Garage Bagger, we offer several grill options. We have grills in a variety of sizes, so check out our selection today!

Garage Bagger also carries tour packs, installation kits, speaker adaptors, and much more! No matter what motorcycle stereo installation project you have in mind, we have the products and parts to get the job done right. We can also help with a custom build!

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