Coaxial vs. Component Speakers: What's the Difference?


Motorcycle speakers can take your bike to another level. From cruising through downtown streets to flying down the highway, a motorcycle stereo system can provide an incredible experience. However, if you’re interested in finding the best Harley stereo upgrade, there are several options out there. That said, finding the perfect motorcycle speakers for your ride can be a challenge.

When it comes to motorcycle speakers, you have two different options—coaxial or component. In this post, we’ll discuss how these speaker types differ, including which option may be best for your motorcycle.


Coaxial speakers are full range speakers that include a few different parts put together. This involves a 2-way speaker system with a woofer, tweeter, and external crossover all in one. Additionally, many coaxial speakers include a woofer cone with a separate tweeter, which results in excellent sound quality.

Coaxial speakers are a great middle-ground speaker option. While they do offer improved sound quality, it won’t be the best sound out there. Also, it’s a more affordable option compared to the advanced models. However, you can still find amazing full range speakers that sound perfect for your bike. If price is a big determinant in your decision, a coaxial speaker system might be a better option for you.


One leading benefit of coaxial speakers is that they provide an easy upgrade solution. If you have a low-quality single cone speaker in your ride, coaxial speakers can be installed in minutes. They simply fit into the same speaker holes and connect to the same wires. This typically results in a very fast and stress-free installation.


Another top advantage is that coaxial speakers are available in many different options. If you’re looking for a specific price or sound quality, there are models out there for you. Different coaxial speakers have different features and specifications, including the crossover design, tweeter quality, and more. Make sure you do research to find the best-suited speaker set for your needs.


Given the ease of install and affordable pricing, coaxial speakers are very popular. That said, they can be found everywhere. If you’re searching for a quick speaker replacement, you can find coaxial speakers at most auto parts stores. There’s also a massive selection online, so that’s a great place to start if you’re looking to purchase.


Of course, a top benefit of coaxial speakers has to do with the sound quality. If you’re upgrading from old single-cone speakers, then coaxial speakers would be a massive upgrade—for only a low cost. This is one reason why these speakers are so popular: it’s a quick upgrade for cheap. In fact, coaxial speakers are still much better than single cone speakers with an added whizzer cone, which is used to improve sound quality. Coaxial speakers utilize a 2-way design that produces incredible full-range sound. Although they can handle low and high frequencies, one con is that you may experience frequency interference. This is a result of separate drivers being too close to each other.

Overall, the coaxial speaker is offer some great advantages:

  • Low-cost option
  • Easy installation
  • Lots of customization capabilities for the tweeters, crossover design, cone materials, etc.
  • Full range speaker that quickly fixes a poor frequency response


For the very best Harley stereo upgrade in the business, go for a component speaker system. These are the leading speaker types on the market, resulting in top-of-the-line sound quality for your motorcycle. These speakers produce those loud volumes you need on a motorcycle, but without sacrificing quality.

Component speakers are built with an advanced crossover, including separately mounted speakers on the assembly. These speakers also include a top-notch woofer and tweeter. When compared to coaxial speakers, the component alternative has a higher quality dome tweeter and better woofer materials. The speaker crossover is also an improvement. Component speakers also often come with more features and capabilities, such as a tweeter volume reduction option and advanced wiring configurations. For a remarkable Harley speaker upgrade, you can’t go wrong with component speakers!


When you look at the long list of benefits regarding component speakers, sound quality tops the list. After all, this is the most important feature in a speaker. Even if you choose the low-end component speakers on the market, the quality will blow you away! The Component system is known for being able to handle any frequency range, from extremely low frequencies to high frequencies, the component setup can handle it . From the frequency response to the overall sound accuracy, component speakers are top-of-the-line!


As you’re searching for new motorcycle speakers, you’ll want to consider power handling. The more power your speakers can handle, the higher the volume can go without distortion. When you compare component speakers with other options out there, they offer greater power handling. In fact, while most component speakers offer 75 watts RMS, some even offer 100 watts or more!


If you look at the connector terminals, installation accessories, crossovers, and more, everything associated with component speakers is higher quality. These are the most advanced speaker parts made with better materials, resulting in speakers that sound incredible! This high quality also results in long-lasting speakers with fewer repairs.


Some of the magic behind component speakers has to do with the crossovers. Simply put, component speakers have more advanced crossovers when compared to coaxial speakers. Component speakers filter with two stages, while coaxial speakers just use one. This results in better bass and better sound!

Here's all the things a component speaker offers that coaxial speaker doesn't:

  • Advanced design with better crossover component quality
  • Made with better materials and installation accessories
  • Incredible frequency response - can handle the lowest and highest frequencies
  • More power handling


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