Best Marine Speakers for Your Motorcycle


As you’re zipping down the highway on your sweet motorcycle, having the right motorcycle speakers is essential. But while you want to invest in high-quality speakers with awesome sound quality, weatherproof features should also be a top priority.

Here at Garage Bagger Stereo, we’re happy to carry a wide array of exceptional marine speakers, speaker grills, and so much more. As you truly never know what the forecast has in store, being prepared for any weather event is a smart decision.

With so many speaker options out there, finding the best options for your ride can be challenging. Luckily, we’re here to help.

Keep reading to learn about the leading marine speakers on the market today.

Diamond Audio 8" Pro Audio High Output Midrange Speaker Set

If you’re searching for speakers with superior sound quality, then the Diamond Audio MSPRO8 speakers could be just what you need. This product is known for producing clear sound that stays crisp at loud volumes! It also features a low-frequency (mid-bass) response, which is a little stronger than most other speakers on the market.

This MSPRO8 speaker set is also known for its flexibility. They can be installed in the open fairings and lids, including fairing speaker pods. And when it comes to waterproof capabilities, these Diamond Audio speakers can withstand the elements! They include a thermal molded waterproof paper cone, as well as a UV-treated polycarbonate cloth surround. 

Here at Garage Bagger Stereo, we’re proud to carry the Diamond Audio 8" Pro Audio High Output Midrange Speaker Set. If you want loud, crisp sound in a weatherproof application, add these exceptional speakers to your shopping list! These are some of the best 8 inch speakers out there!

Ciare NDK 8.75 8" Neo (Single)

For something a little more affordable, consider the Ciare NDK 8.75 8" Neo Single Speaker. This 8” midwoofer provides deep bass with clear mids. Additionally, you can expect very low distortion, leading to impeccable sound quality! And when it comes to power, this Ciare speaker packs a punch! In fact, it has a peak power handling of 600 watts.

If you’re only looking for one speaker for your motorcycle, then the Ciare NDK8.75 is a great solution. It’s not only affordable, but it can also be one of best Harley stereo upgrade options for your ride.

Here at Garage Bagger Stereo, we’re happy to carry the Ciare NDK8.75 8" Neo Single Speaker. To learn more about this product, or to find other solutions for a variety of Harley audio systems, contact us today!

Hertz SV 200 NEO (Pair)

If you’re searching for something a little more high-end, you can’t go wrong with the Hertz SV 200 NEO Speakers. From the sleek design to the incredible sound blaring out of these motorcycle audio components, these speakers can be the ideal improvement for your ride.

The amazing sound in these speakers is due to the use of Neodymium N38 H as the motor units. Additionally, with the waterproofing and anti-UV treatment features, these speakers will stay strong in any weather event. And over time, the deep blacks won’t fade at all. The motor units are also painted with cataphoresis with insulated lead wires, which helps to prevent oxidation.

With high-quality weatherproof features and a peak power handling of 500 watts, these motorcycle audio components can take your bike to the next level. In fact, some buyers say these are the best speakers they’ve ever had!

Be sure to pick up your pair of Hertz SV 200 NEO Speakers at Garage Bagger Stereo!

Diamond Audio MS69CX COAXSUB 6" x 9" 2-Way Coaxial Speakers

Another leading Diamond Audio set is the MS69CX 6" x 9" motorcycle speakers. If you have the space for these high-quality speakers, then you won’t be disappointed! Being constructed to IPx65 Marine Grade Compliant specifications, these speakers will stay working great in pretty much any weather conditions. For extra clarity, this model also features a 1" high output titanium dome tweeter, which isn’t found in many speaker sets.

While the weatherproof technology is extremely useful, these speakers also produce some of the best sound in the industry. Harley riders can experience power handling of 240 watts max, with a 120W RMS. Additionally, this Diamond Audio MS69CX speaker set also includes a large magnet and massive voice coil, which results in excellent sound that’s crisp and clear!

Garage Bagger is pleased to carry these Diamond Audio MS69CX speakers, and we’re always here if you have any questions. Call us today to learn more about any of our motorcycle stereo system products.

PRV 8MR500CF-NDY-4 (PAIR) All-Weather Speakers

Looking for some of the best marine speakers on the planet? If so, you can’t go wrong with the PRV 8MR500CF-NDY-4 8 inch speakers! This powerful product can take your motorcycle stereo system to new heights. Originally designed for power sports applications like speed boats, they’re also perfect for your motorcycle! These speakers can withstand anything nature throws at them.

 Made with a carbon fiber cone, high-temperature voice coil, and huge neodymium magnet, these 8 inch speakers produce sound that’ll blow you away! This magnet even features distortion-canceling fixtures. In addition, these speakers allow you to experience deep, dynamic bass—which makes a motorcycle ride that much better!

With a 500-watt max power handling, these speakers pack a punch. Additionally, the speaker grills come included with purchase. To find the best Harley stereo upgrade on the market, choose the PRV 8MR500CF-NDY-4 speakers at Garage Bagger Stereo today!

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Being a world leader in motorcycle audio components, Garage Bagger Stereo is here to find the perfect marine speakers for your ride. If you need assistance finding the ideal audio system, our experienced professionals are ready to help. And if you’re looking for financial assistance, we have the solutions for you! In fact, no credit is needed to make a purchase through our financing program!

If you have questions about any of our products, call us today to speak with a motorcycle audio expert.

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