Battle of the Brands: A Comparison of Motorcycle Audio Products


Nothing compares to cruising down the road while listening to your favorite tunes. In fact, this experience is why many riders choose this lifestyle. However, when it comes to a motorcycle stereo system, they all aren’t created equal.

Today, there are a wide variety of motorcycle and Harley audio systems. While some of them produce superior sound quality, others are more basic. When searching for the perfect motorcycle speakers, radio, or subwoofer, doing your own research is essential.

With so many motorcycle audio components out there, deciding which ones to purchase can be stressful. But here at Garage Bagger Stereo, we make the process simple! We only carry the leading products in the industry from some of the top brands in the world. But that’s not all—we consistently post blogs about some of our top picks. 

In this post, we’ll discuss the best brands to consider when looking for a motorcycle stereo system. We’ll even talk about some products you can find right on our website!

BOSS Audio Systems

If you want top-quality sound and durable motorcycle audio components, then you can’t go wrong with BOSS Audio Systems. This reputable business has been around for more than 30 years! They take pride in handling many of their processes in-house. In fact, they employ acoustic, design, mechanical, and electronics engineers! Additionally, BOSS Audio Systems offers a wide variety of products to music lovers around the globe. This is thanks to their global network of manufacturing partners that provide over 500 different audio components to over 130 countries!

Here at Garage Bagger Stereo, we’re proud to offer BOSS products. Be sure to check out the BOSS Audio Harley Davidson 6x9 speaker kit, which allows riders to add rear speakers to their existing factory bag lids. This eliminates the need to paint and color match! These BOSS speakers will keep your system sounding great for years!

Rockford Fosgate

Rockford Fosgate has been a top motorcycle audio brand for several years. They take pride in having clear, crisp, and high-quality stereo systems for pretty much any vehicle out there. While the vision of the brand began back in 1973, the innovation hasn’t stopped since.

The dream started in the 1970s when Jim Fosgate and his friends spent countless hours crafting the first Rockford Fosgate product, the PR-7000 amplifier. Demonstrated at the 1973 Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago, audio enthusiasts were blown away. That’s because the PR-7000 had a Frequency Energizer circuit that compensates for acoustical anomalies found in the common vehicle environment. This innovation created sound quality like we’ve never heard before.

Fast forward to today and Rockford Fosgate is still innovating. Almost every single year, this reputable brand is building something that takes Harley audio systems to another level. If you want the best Harley stereo upgrade, you can’t go wrong with any Rockford Fosgate products!

Garage Bagger Stereo is happy to provide Rockford Fosgate speakers, amps, and more. One of our best sellers is the Power Harley-Davidson® Rear Audio Kit (1998-2013). This set comes with powerful 6x9 speakers and speakers lids that will easily attach to the back of your motorcycle. All you need to do is use our simple cutting guide and mounting system to bring your new audio system to life! Contact Garage Bagger Stereo today for more information.

DB Drive

DB Drive is another top brand in the industry, offering innovative speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, and more. The business has a deep passion for crafting top-of-the-line audio products, and customer satisfaction is always a huge priority. Furthermore, DB Drive listens to their fans. They continue to revolutionize their product line based on feedback from their followers, which leads to exceptional sound quality on the open road. DB Drive is committed to exceeding expectations for every single product they sell.

If you have a Harley, then be sure to look at DB Drive. Garage Bagger is happy to carry many DB Drive products, including 8 inch speakers, 6.5 inch speakers, amplifiers, and much more. As DB Drive is focused on providing some of the best sound quality in the world, you’ll be blown away at the results. But that’s not all—affordability is another strong selling point for the brand. In fact, DB Drive products are often more cost-effective compared to the competitors.

Cicada Audio

One brand that is taking the motorcycle stereo system world by storm is Cicada. This up-and-coming brand was established in 2020, but their audio team has decades of experience in the industry. In fact, owner and president Larry Frederick built a team of over 40 different industry professionals, ranging from design experts to marketing specialists. Cicada Audio takes pride in their superior craftsmanship and design process, leading to products that make for the perfect Harley speaker upgrade. If you’re searching for coaxial speakers, mid-range speakers, amplifiers, or digital sound processors, Cicada Audio has the products you can trust!

Garage Bagger Stereo is happy to carry a wide selection of Cicada Audio products. Whether you need a new amplifier or speaker upgrade, Cicada can bring your system to life. If you’re searching for 6x9 speakers, then you can’t go wrong with the Cicada Coax Horn 6x9 Speaker Pair. These feature a max power handling of 1000 watts, including a 500 watt RMS power handling. These speakers also offer exceptional mid-bass capabilities, which include a shortening ring for better speaker control.

Other Notable Brands

While these are some of the best brands on the market, there are several different providers that offer superior speakers, amplifiers, radios, and motorcycle subwoofer solutions.

Check out some other top brands in the industry:

  • American Hard Bag
  • Diamond Audio
  • Ground Zero
  • Hertz
  • Sony

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