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Rockford Fosgate Speakers on Boat

The Evolution of the Sound System

Listening to music has been one the most popular forms of entertainment for thousands of years, and for most of that time, listening to live music was the only option. All of this began to change over a hundred years ago with Thomas Edison and the invention of the first phonograph. The phonograph was created after Edison had successfully invented the telephone and the telegraph, and allowed the general public to listen to pre-recorded music in the comfort of their own homes for the first time. 

The phonograph was extremely simple by today’s standards and utilized a cone-shaped horn to amplify sound, and the basic technology involved turned into the record players of today. The most significant leap in sound amplification came with the invention of the loudspeaker. The very first experimental loudspeaker that featured a moving coil to produce sound was invented in 1898, and the first patent filed for what resembles a modern speaker was filed in 1924. Speakers began to appear in household radios in the late 1920s, and by the 1930s, speakers were becoming commonplace in American Homes.

Over the decades, many sound system and speaker manufacturing companies have come and gone.  Many of the original companies that were producing speakers and stereo equipment almost a century ago are no longer in existence, while new manufacturers of dubious quality have continued to pop up in recent years, but one of the most trusted and well-known manufacturers of sound system components has been around for decades and shows no signs of slowing down or losing quality, Rockford Fosgate. 

About Rockford Fosgate Speakers

Rockford Fosgate was officially founded as a company in 1980, but its founder Jim Fosgate had been designing and producing audio equipment for years. He realized in the early 70s that the audio equipment made by manufacturers at the time could not accurately produce a sound that was ideally suited for human ears, so he set out to produce equipment that would. His first significant contribution to the modern high-quality sound system was the Frequency Energizer, which added a bass boost and a treble boost filter to improve the quality of sound across all frequencies and was soon named the Punch EQ. This new device allowed a listener to make adjustments easily and in real-time to achieve the sound quality they desired.

In 1980 Jim Fosgate teamed with a group of investors headquartered on Rockford Drive in Temple Arizona, and the company we now know as Rockford Fosgate was born. Previously Fosgate had only produced Frequency Energizers and Rockford Fosgate amplifiers that would later become the legendary Punch Series amplifiers found in many sound systems today, but once Rockford Fosgate was founded, the focus began to change to home theater projects and development and production of all kinds of speakers and audio technology.

In the days before internet searches, Rockford Fosgate earned its excellent reputation the old-fashioned way, by word of mouth and allowing the quality of their products to speak for themselves. While home theater speakers were and still are a big part of Rockford Fosgate’s business, they are most well-known for their automotive stereo equipment. The factory speakers installed by auto manufacturers have increased in quality over the years, but factory car speakers and car stereo systems in general have never been as good as those produced by the best aftermarket companies, and Rockford Fosgate has been at the top for decades. 

Rockford Fosgate White Tower Speakers

Rockford Fosgate’s Top Products

Rockford Fosgate’s products became the go-to choice for aftermarket automotive sound systems due to the quality and range of their products. Their products are often found in all ranges of vehicles, from daily drivers to competition show cars. They are probably most famous for the Punch amps and subwoofers they produce, but they manufacture almost any size speaker that you might want to install in a vehicle. They manufacture tweeters to produce high frequency, subs to produce the low frequencies, and a wide range of component systems and 2-way speakers for everything in-between. 

One of the most popular ranges of products are their marine grade speakers, which are specifically designed for outdoor use. Speakers used on boats need to be stronger and more robust than those found in dry conditions while still producing a clear sound with excellent sound quality. These speakers are made from waterproof and water-resistant materials to ensure they function correctly, still giving an accurate sound, while coming into contact with water. They also need to be produced from materials that can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight and dangerous UV rays, which can damage poor-quality speakers. 

With boating becoming such a popular hobby, it’s no surprise that boat owners want to be able to listen to their favorite song and all the music they enjoy while spending time out on the water. Due to the high-quality construction of Rockford Fosgate’s products, they are one of the most popular choices when it comes time to install a marine speaker. Their product line includes a marine specific head unit, 2-way speakers and subwoofers for marine use, and one of their most popular products, tower speakers. Tower speakers are marine grade speakers in aerodynamic housing that are built to withstand the elements and are designed to be mounted on the wake tower of a boat. They are also a popular addition on any boat that features a covered center console and are a great way to save room on a boat where space is at a premium.

The same reason that Rockford Fosgate speakers are so popular for use on boats also makes them a popular choice for other vehicles. Motorcycles have been a popular form of transportation for over a century, and the popularity of ATVs and side-by-sides seems to grow daily. Owners of these vehicles want to be able to listen to their favorite music in the highest possible quality possible, and these vehicles also see potential prolonged exposure to water and sunlight, so marine grade speakers are a must for these types of sound systems. Waterproof and resistant speakers are a popular choice for motorcycles and can easily be installed in saddle bags, while tower speakers are a top choice for ATVs due to the fact that they can be mounted up high to help save space. Many of these Rockford Fosgate marine speakers look great and also feature Color Optix lighting controls which add to the visual appeal of the vehicle, and allows the owner of a boat, bike, or ATV to help make their ride an extension of their personal style. 

Black Wake Tower Marine Speakers from Rockford Fosgate

What Makes a Good Audio System?

So you now know that Rockford Fosgate makes some of the best speakers available, but what exactly makes a good audio system? It really comes down to personal preference. In an ideal situation where space is not a constraint, an extensive audio system with multiple components is a good choice. A head unit, amplifier, and multiple component speakers that are designed to focus on a specific frequency range all work together in unison to produce the best sound possible. Tweeters designed to focus on higher frequencies, multiple mid-range speakers, and a subwoofer or two to concentrate on bass, all working in unison, have been the traditional answer to what makes a good audio system, but as technology has advanced, so have audio systems.

Advances in technology have led to the creation of speakers that can produce a greater range of sound, while saving space and still maintaining excellent sound quality. Coaxial speakers feature a full 2-way set up inside a single housing which allows for an excellent sound quality while saving space in tight conditions. Full-range speakers have been developed which reproduce as much of the frequency range heard by human ears as possible and can be used in place of multiple component speakers. These modern speakers offer a fantastic listening experience and help save space which is extremely important in automotive and marine applications.

So to put it simply, what makes up a good audio system is the quality of the components involved. Multiple component speakers working together sound great, but high-quality 2-way and full range speakers can produce a sound quality that is just as good while saving valuable space. The best advice for anyone looking to upgrade their current sound system is to purchase the best speakers and sound system components possible, and many of those are Rockford Fosgate systems.

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