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Wake Tower Speakers on Boat

Spending time out on a boat is a more popular pastime now than it has ever been. Being out on the water can be one of the most relaxing things that anyone can experience, so it's no surprise that people love to listen to their favorite music while out enjoying the day on their favorite river, freshwater lake, or saltwater spot on the coast. To make your boat day perfect, you can't settle for less than the best speakers made with durable materials for the unpredictable marine environment.

For centuries boats were used either for transportation or fishing for food, but over the past century, boats have been designed and developed just for recreational purposes. Water sports have become so popular that many marine manufacturers have designed boats just for this purpose. Water skiing, being pulled on an inflatable tube, and wakeboarding are all popular choices when it comes to water sports, so it's not unusual to find boats that are designed just for these sports. 

Wakeboarding has become one of the most popular water sports, and boats designed for this sport have some unique features that set them apart from other boats on the water. These boats are built to create a large specifically designed wake, which are the waves produced as a boat moves through the water, and feature powerful inboard engines. To allow for a stable high mounting point for a rope, which will allow the wakeboarder to be pulled safely behind the boat, a wake tower is utilized. These wake towers resemble giant roll bars that are centrally located and connect both sides of the boat, giving them a distinct look. While some might mistake these wake towers are just another type of cover for a center console fishing boat, they are not only visibly different, but also feature more robust mounting points, which allows them to act as a more solid anchor point for ropes. 

What Are Wake Tower Speakers? 

Relaxation through spending time on the water and listening to music go hand in hand, and stereo systems and speakers designed specifically for boats and marine purposes are one of the fastest growing segments of the audio industry. With the popularity of wakeboarding at an all-time high, it's no surprise that boats featuring wake towers are more popular than ever, and marine tower speakers designed specifically for these boats are an extremely popular addition.

Wakeboard tower speakers are precisely what you might think they are, speakers attached to a boat's wake tower, but there is more thought and engineering in them than you might realize. Space inside a boat is at a premium, so many speakers are mounted in the console, on the deck, or along the sides of a traditional boat, but wake tower speakers are designed specifically to fit and mount on a boat's wake tower. The housing of a wake tower speaker is called a speaker pod, and is often aerodynamic due to the fact that they will be exposed and subject to high amounts of wind, which gives them a distinctive look when compared to other speakers.

Wake tower speakers and other marine audio equipment have to be made from the most high quality and robust materials due to the fact that they will be exposed to the elements and will come into contact with water on a regular basis. Even when mounted high on a wake tower, these speakers will still have to deal with water and spray due to the nature of what a wakeboard boat is used for, so they will need to be waterproof speakers. And because wake tower speakers are mounted up on a tower, they will also be subject to prolonged exposure to sunlight and harmful UV rays, so they will have to be made of UV-resistant material as well for better protection. 

Boat tower speakers are physically attached to the wake tower using specific mounting hardware that will also have be able to withstand the test the time and be subject to the elements, so the mounting hardware involved is made from the highest quality marine grade materials such as stainless steel and powder coated components. So pretty much every part of a wake tower speaker is designed for bad weather conditions. With wake tower speakers being more visibly exposed than other speakers, they have started to become design features that will affect a boat's overall appearance. Their aerodynamic design provides for a cool space-age look, but most wake tower speakers also feature built-in LED lights, which add to their visual appeal and allow a boat's owner to give their boat a custom look that suits their particular style and personal preferences. 

Wet Sounds Black Wake Tower Speakers at Garage Bagger

What Are Tower Speakers Used For? 

It's pretty obvious that wake tower speakers are a perfect fit for boats featuring a wake tower, but they can be used on almost any style boat that features a center console, roof, or tow bar and are a great space saver option because they are usually mounted up and out of the way. Sure, there are some quality waterproof blue tooth speakers that can provide music, but they will constantly need to be charged, and are easily lost or forgotten and left behind because they are not physically mounted to the boat. Wake tower speakers make a good investment for any boat owner because they will help provide many hours of trouble-free entertainment while out on the water, but music lovers and sound system enthusiasts have begun to discover that wake tower speakers are perfect for applications off the water as well.

Just like spending time out on the water has become a popular hobby that allows people to kick back and relax out on the water, using ATVs, side-by-sides, and off-road vehicles to ride dirt roads and trails allow people to have fun riding on land, and listening to music while out riding on land can be just as popular and relaxing as it is on the water.

Many of these off-road trails and dirt roads will expose the driver and riders to the elements, so any stereo equipment will need to be able to face prolonged exposure to water, mud, and sunlight on a regular basis. It's no surprise that wake tower speakers are a popular choice for off-road vehicles. They are built from the best waterproof and resistant materials, are housed in robust speakers pods, and utilize high-quality mounting hardware, which allows them to mount perfectly on roll bars and roll cages that are found on the most popular ATVs. Using wake tower speakers will also allow an ATV owner to personalize their ride, due to the fact that many of the best wake tower speakers utilize LED lights. These lights usually feature customizable settings that really add to a vehicle's visual appeal, whether on water or on land. 

How to Select the Marine Speakers with the Best Sound and What Features Should Considered?

So now that you know just how great wake tower speakers are, and you have decided to use them on your boat or ATV, how do you select the marine speaker with the best sound? Well, it will really depend on what goals you are trying to accomplish. Are you looking for just a basic stereo system that will be well protected from the elements, or are you looking for a competition-level system that will be the envy of all of your friends and neighbors? Marine speakers come in all shapes and sizes and will work in all sorts of combinations. Tweeters, mid-range speakers, and subwoofers are all available for marine applications, but if saving space without sacrificing sound quality and volume is your biggest concern, then wake tower speakers might be the best choice for you.

There are a lot of different brands and styles of wake tower speakers on the market, but buying speakers from an overseas site on the internet, at a flea market, or out of the trunk of a car often results in speakers that are made of poor quality materials that do not produce a good sound. The best wake tower speakers are produced by brands like Fusion, DS18, Rockford Fosgate, and Wet Sounds. These companies are the top names in the business when it comes to marine-grade audio equipment and wake tower speakers. They offer products made from the highest quality materials that will stand the test of time, and provide an amazing listening experience that few others can match. So when it comes to the biggest feature to consider when purchasing marine speakers, quality is king.

DS18 Wakeboard Tower Speaker in Blue and White

Best Wake Tower Speakers at Garage Bagger

Now that it is time to upgrade your boat or ATV with wake tower speakers, where is the best place to find them? Look no further than Garage Bagger Stereo. They carry all of the top brands of marine grade speakers and the best wake tower speakers on the market. The folks at Garage Bagger have many years of combined experience when it comes to building custom sound systems, and can help you accomplish your goals, whether you are just upgrading a few existing speakers, or building a custom competition audio system. If you have any questions, they are just an e-mail or phone call away and can help point you in the right direction while addressing any concerns you might have. 

So head on over to , order the best wake tower speakers on the market along with any other marine stereo speakers and equipment you might need, install them, and enjoy many hours listening to your favorite tunes while riding off-road or out on the water! 

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