Roadie Splash Covers for Harley Davidson

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Protect your aftermarket radio from the elements!

"When you're on the Road, Roadie's got you covered."

The Roadie Splash Cover, formerly known as Shimmy's Cover, is back, new and improved. The well-known splash cover helps protect your radio on the '14 and up Harley and '98-'13 Metra motorcycles are bac. We have improved its components, which are now being molded for stronger integrity and faster production time.

The radio cover is designed to help protect your investment in your Harley Davidson motorcycle. It ensures quality sound in the elements, increasing your radio's functionality. This product helps shield your radio from rain, dust, dirt, and other debris. These are Splash covers; they DO NOT make the unit weather-proof; they add protection to your aftermarket electronics. The radio can not be touched or the touch screen used while the cover is on. You must use bar controls when the cover is on.

The 2-piece design has a bottom part that is secured to the inner fairing with 3M double-sided tape or silicone to your inner fairing to ensure an exact fit. The top cover is screwed on with an overlapping lip to help keep water and debris off your radio. You can always leave the cover on, as it has been produced with smoked material for easy viewing while offering protection. You bought the radio, ensure you're able to see it!

Return Policy‚ÄĒIf you return the item because you do not like the way it looks or fits, there is a $15 shipping fee for the return RA plus a 20% restocking fee. We have pictures of every single one we sell installed on the motorcycles. Be sure you know what you are ordering, how it installs, and how it looks when both pieces are assembled on your motorcycle.¬† If you have questions, please call the shop at 864-334-6131.

Check out this review from Carlos Ramirez from NVS Audio:

These will come pre-packaged and ready for installation

*No need to remove your radio to install*

Easy to install in minutes and protects from the elements.

Kit Includes:

  • Top and bottom Roadie Splash cover¬†
  • Roll of 3M tape to secure the fairing to your bike
  • Alcohol wipe
  • 3M¬†promoter wipe

*Please note these covers are designed around the inner fairing on your bike, not a specific radi. Plus, the stock ignition switch. Some aftermarket covers could hit the splash cover*

Improvements made:

  • 3-D CAD scanned and recreated for maximum protection
  • Injection molded design
  • Nutserts added to the base plate¬†
  • Sleeker ergonomic design¬†for your radio controls
  • No more glued parts
  • Rubber washer on top screws to retain rain/water resistance

Check out our Roadie Splash Cover on a Harley Davidson.

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