What You Need to Know About Custom Speakers in the Fairings


While you’re zipping down the road on your bike, having a high-quality motorcycle stereo system can take things up a notch. However, not all sound systems are created equal. While brands do matter, the location of your speakers also has a huge impact on performance. As speakers can be installed in a variety of locations, in the fairings is a top choice.

In this post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about custom speakers in the fairings. We’ll talk about the benefits of these speakers, the different types, and even where you can find some of the leading speakers on the market.

Benefits of Fairing Speaker Systems

For several different bikers, fairing speaker systems are the best sound stereos around. Not only do they look incredible, but the sound quality they produce is unmatched. Here are additional benefits of fairing speaker systems:

1. Adds Style

If you want your motorcycle stereo system to look amazing, then a fairing speaker setup can make that happen. When you make this upgrade to your bike, other people will give your ride a double take. In fact, if your motorcycle is ever in a contest, fairing speaker systems will make your bike stand out. Speakers in the fairings are completely customizable, giving the rider complete freedom on the installation. This is why you see some elaborate, stylish fairing speaker setups. If you want a showstopper ride, you can’t go wrong with fairing speaker systems!

2. Top-Notch Quality

One of the leading benefits of these speaker systems involves their incredible performance and quality. As you’re driving down this road, this quality can certainly be appreciated. Not only do fairing speaker systems produce clear, crisp sounding tunes, but their location helps to project the sound perfectly. If you’re looking for the best Harley stereo upgrade, install a fairing speaker system today!

3. Boosts Resale Value

As these sound systems can take your bike to the next level, the resale value of your motorcycle can soar. While it does depend on the type of system you install and the quality, many fairing speaker systems can result in increased resale value. Also, when it comes time to sell, there’s a good chance your bike will sell faster than the others on the market. In fact, a fairing speaker system can be a deal-breaker for the right buyer. If you want to sell your bike fast at top dollar, consider installing one of these systems.

4. Flexible

Not only do speakers in the fairings allow for a customized setup, but they also give you options when it comes to the music source. For example, you can play music using Bluetooth, a USB drive, or even a CD. And of course, AM and FM radio are also found in many fairing speaker systems. If you want a customized music experience that looks fantastic, a fairing speaker setup is the way to go.

5. Built for the Elements

Several bikers choose fairing speakers systems because of their weatherproof capabilities. Whether it’s rain, hail, wind, or harsh sunshine, these speakers will stand strong in the elements. In fact, these systems are built with an ultraviolet coating, offering protection from the harmful sun rays. Furthermore, the construction is almost 100% waterproof. No matter the weather outside, a fairing speaker unit will perform.

What to Consider Before Buying

After learning about the benefits of a fairing speaker system, are you considering this upgrade? If so, you’re making an excellent choice. But before making a purchase decision, we encourage you to consider the following:

1. Pricing

Of course, price is always a factor when making a purchase for your motorcycle stereo system. However, these sound systems come at a variety of different prices. If you’re looking for a cost-effective option, you can find units under $150. For high-end options, you’re looking at systems above $800. Deciding on your needs and budget can help determine the best stereo system for you.

2. Size

Do you know what size of unit you have in mind? As these custom fairing systems vary, there are options both big and small. Are you looking for smaller options, such as 6.5-inch speakers? Or do you want something larger and more powerful, like 8-inch lower fairing speaker pods? Whatever the case may be, size is a big consideration.

3. Sound Performance

While sizing and pricing matter a great deal, sound quality is the leading consideration you should make. After all, you would hate to install a sound system that doesn’t sound very good. That said, be sure to test the speakers before the installation process. Make sure you consider road and engine noise, so be sure to crank the tunes when testing. High volumes are vital for blocking out sound, so it’s imperative you test the sound quality at the proper volumes.

4. Power Output

The wattage of your system is another huge consideration you should make. After all, the power of your system directly affects the sound quality and performance of your speakers. To that point, it’s important to note that your speakers will receive their power from your radio. But if you want impeccable sound quality and more power, installing an amplifier is the way to go. However, you should also make sure the speakers can keep up. If you choose low-wattage speakers, that can result in poor sound quality and a lower volume.

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