10 Scenic Fall Rides in the U.S.


As summer winds down, it’s time to start planning your fall adventures. While you may be looking forward to cooler temps, the fall months also provide some breathtaking scenery.

Here in the United States, fall is the perfect time to take a scenic motorcycle ride. Check out our picks for the most scenic rides to take this fall.

1. Rocky Mountain National Park — Colorado

Colorado is truly a remarkable place. From skyscraping mountaintops to sparkling lakes, there’s beauty around every corner. If you’re planning a trip to the area, visiting Rocky Mountain National Park is a must—and the fall is the perfect time to check it out. Aspen trees usually turn gold in mid-August, but you can find ample opportunities to catch some fall colors. For an incredible motorcycle ride, head down the 10-mile stretch of Trail Ridge Road. Be prepared to see some fall colors like you’ve never seen before!

2. Blue Ridge Parkway — North Carolina & Virginia

As we go out east, we end up at the epic Blue Ridge Parkway. From red maple trees to oak, this parkway offers a full display of incredible fall scenery. In fact, you’ll drive through several types of East Coast forests, all offering their own unique features. At the higher elevations, you can expect leaves to change by early October. When in North Carolina, most trees will change color by mid to late October. For some popular points of interest, check out Linville Falls and Green Knob Overlook.

3. Olympic Peninsula — Washington

Looking back West, we end up in the beautiful state of Washington. If you want a truly unique experience on your motorcycle, then the Olympic Peninsula is a must-see location. Here you’ll find green mountains, misty fog, and beauty as far as the eye can see. And did you know this area is a rainforest? That’s right—with so much rainfall, lush vegetation is all over. But don’t worry, late September and early October usually provide good weather, so it’s the perfect time to pay a visit. But always pack your rain gear just in case!

4. Driftless Region — Iowa & Wisconsin

For a taste of the Midwest, the Driftless Region in Iowa and Wisconsin is a great ride. This fall drive features pumpkins, cornfields, and comfortable temperatures. Heading into Wisconsin, cornfields turn into magnificent forests lined with maple and sumac trees. You’ll be able to experience the fall beauty as you rise and dip around the river valley!

5. Tunnel of Trees — Michigan

The Tunnel of Trees is one of the most scenic roads in the country—especially during the fall months. Located on the M-119 highway, the Tunnel of Trees is found on winding roads below towering, leafy trees. During autumn, this area is popping with fall colors. For a remarkable trip, start at Harbor Springs and head north. Soak in the Tunnel of Trees along the 20-mile stretch and enjoy the tight twists at Devil’s Elbow and Horseshoe Curve.

6. Pacific Coast Highway — Oregon & California

When talking about the best motorcycle rides in the United States, the Pacific Coast Highway is always in the conversation. This amazing adventure stretches from Seattle all the way down to San Diego, California. This 655-mile stretch offers some of the most beautiful fall scenery in the country. The winding forest roads provide vibrant red, orange, yellow, and golden leaves during the autumn months.

7. Coastal Route One — Maine

If you’re searching for an early fall adventure on your bike, then Maine’s Coastal Route One is a great choice. This trip drives along the Northeast Atlantic region, offering a 167-mile stretch of lighthouses, small coastal villages, and breathtaking fall landscapes. While the leaves look stunning this time of year, the weather is also favorable. 

8. San Juan Mountain Skyway — Colorado

Heading back to Colorado, we go south to the San Juan Mountain Skyway. This adventure is a drive down 225 miles of incredible canyons, river valleys, and massive mountain peaks. This journey also travels through Mesa Verde National Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, which we discussed earlier. Not only will you see beautiful fall leaves, but you’ll also pass by old mining towns and even some hot springs.

9. Pig Trail Scenic Byway to Eureka Springs — Arkansas Ozarks

Arkansas Ozarks is a place you need to see on your motorcycle. With thick, lush forests to bendy, twisting roads, this is a ride like no other. To catch some incredible fall beauty in the area, take a trip down the Pig Trail Scenic Byway. Once called the “top motorcycle ride” in the U.S. by a USA Today Readers’ Choice poll, this adventure is a 24-mile stretch that features winding roads through extraordinary forest views.

10. Beartooth Highway — Southwest Montana & Northwest Wyoming

Waterfalls, mountain peaks, alpine plateaus, and gigantic forests—the Beartooth Highway has it all. This 68-mile stretch rides through Southwest Montana and Northwest Wyoming, and the fall months are the ideal time to pay a visit. As the road winds its way through the northern Rockies, you’ll climb to nearly 11,000 feet. Keep an eye out for the stunning fall colors along the way!

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