What is a Bagger Motorcycle?


Bagger Motorcycle driving down highway

The Popularity of Motorcycles

Motorcycles have been one of the most popular forms of transportation all over the world for well over 100 years.  The first motorcycles were basically just upgraded bicycles, but they began to evolve and developed quickly into the bikes we know today.  As technology began to improve, so did motorcycles.  Engine displacement began to increase, wheels and tires got bigger and betters, and road surfaces and basic infrastructure began to improve so bikes could travel further and further distances.

The reasons for the popularity of motorcycles are as varied as the styles of bikes currently on the road, but a few big reasons stand out.  Simplicity is one of the reasons that motorcycles are so popular.  Most motorcycles are relatively easy to maintain and repair, especially compared to larger vehicles like cars and trucks, which makes them popular with do-it-yourself enthusiasts.  Due to their size, bikes can be easy to park and store when not in use, and they can provide access to areas that might be unreachable for larger vehicles.  Bikes are often more affordable compared to other forms of transportation, and even the most thirsty motorcycles often get better fuel mileage than many cars and trucks on the market.  But the biggest reason for the continued and growing popularity of motorcycles is that they are fun to ride!  Riding a motorcycle, regardless of its style or size, is an experience that involves all of the senses and can really connect you to the road.  A bike can also be an expression of  its riders personality. 

Ever since the first commercially available motorcycles hit the highways and back roads of America at the beginning of the last century, owners have been modifying their bikes to fit their needs, styles, and personalities.  Even before manufacturers were making specific styles of motorcycles, owners have been changing and rebuilding their bikes to suit their liking.  Many styles have come and gone over the years as trends change, but many of the most popular styles show no signs of disappearing off the streets any time soon.  Sport bikes, choppers, and duel sports are cool bikes, but touring bikes often offer the best platform for self-expression, and this is especially true with bagger motorcycles. 

What Exactly is a Bagger Motorcycle?

So what exactly is a bagger motorcycle?  Well, there isn’t an exact science regarding what makes any particular motorcycle a bagger, but they all have a few things in common.  Many baggers start off as larger touring bikes with big engines, but some can be small, and they tend to have a styling that is a mix of a cruiser and a chopper.  Baggers will always have a windshield and front fairing that gives it a “swoopy” look and provides excellent airflow around the front of the bike.  A large front fender with a big front wheel and a fuel tank that visually matches the front fairing and fender adds to the flowing, almost art deco style that looks like it is moving fast even when standing still.

 The one thing that all bagger motorcycles will have in common is the fact that they will have hard rigid saddlebags, usually found in pairs with one mounted on either side of the rear wheel.  Motorcycle bags traditionally have been made of leather (some still are) and were a direct carryover from the days of using saddle bags for traveling on a horse.  Much like a horse, early motorcycles didn’t have a lot of storage space and were mostly used for riding short distances, but as roads and bike technology improved, so did motorcycle travel, and the use of bags allowed a rider to carry clothing, food, and gear that they might need on a trip. 

While other styles of motorcycle can incorporate saddle bags, a bagger motorcycle incorporates its bags into the design and style of the bike.  They will often be color matched and visibly similar to the style of the front fairing, which gives the bike an honest airflow look.  The bags on a bagger motorcycle are great for storing gear and supplies, but often serve as storage for a bike’s sound system and other electrical components.  A bagger motorcycle is often the expression of its rider’s personality.  Wild color schemes, from bright colors to flat black, and custom bodywork allow a bike’s owner to really make the bike their own, and having bags that can incorporate speakers and a sound system will allow a rider to extend this personalization to include the style music that they love. 

Different Types of Bagger Motorcycles

While all bagger motorcycles incorporate bags on either side of the rear wheel and often feature aerodynamic fairings, many sizes and styles of bikes fall into the bagger category.

Mini Baggers- A mini bagger is exactly what it sounds like it would be, a small mini-sized version of a full-scale bagger motorcycle.  The popularity of mini bikes has really grown over the past few decades, and mini bikes can be found in almost any style that a larger full-size version can be found in.  Sport bikes and choppers are popular choices due to the popularity of the full-sized bikes, so it’s no surprise that baggers are also a popular style of mini bike. 

Most mini baggers feature small single cylinder two or four-stroke engines, but some are even equipped with electric power plants.  They often feature a large front wheel and oversized fender with the same style of aerodynamic fairings that a larger bike would have.  And of course, a mini bagger will also feature a storage bag on either side of the rear wheel, making it a true bagger just like a larger version. 

Baggers - The name bagger is typically used as a catch-all term for any motorcycle that features large fairings and saddlebags, but is always used to describe custom bikes with wild fairings, custom paint, and hard rigid saddle bags that match the color and graphics of the rest of the bike.  While not every bagger is a custom build, many look like they could be, and their style is often compared to a street rod version of a car.

Full Sized/Cruisers – A full sized bike or cruiser is what many enthusiast pictures when they hear the word bagger.  These large bikes produced by brands like Harley Davidson, Indian, and Honda feature powerful engines and are known for being comfortable to ride over long distances, so it’s no surprise that these bikes often feature rigid storage bags that match the rest of the motorcycles aesthetic. 

 These large road bikes and touring bikes might not feature as many of the extreme details of a smaller bagger, but are still usually customized to suit the rider’s style and personality.  A bagger can come in many shapes and sizes, but these large full sized cruisers often cover many more miles on the road than their smaller counterparts due to their comfort and reliability.

Person on Bagger Motorcycle Looking At Mountains

Special Features of Bagger Motorcycles

The basic bones of a bagger motorcycle are much like any other bike.   They feature two wheels with a motor located in between them, but it’s their special features that set them apart from the rest of the bikes on the road.  A larger front aerodynamic fairing and rigid matching saddle bags are typically the two most prominent features that set a bagger apart from the rest of the bikes on the road, but the minor details will be up to a bikes owner, and luckily there are a lot of options out there to help you build a bagger precisely the way you want.

Top Accessories and Audio for Bagger Motorcycles 

Large aerodynamic front fairings and saddle bags are what set baggers apart from the rest of the bikes on the road, but customizing these features is what will set your bike apart from other bagger motorcycles.  It’s not a surprise that custom fairings and bags are two of the top accessories for baggers, and upgrading these items will allow you to install the other most popular accessory, a high-quality sound system. 

            Motorcycle sound systems have been growing in popularity over the past few decades due to advances in technology which increases longevity and allows speakers on a motorcycle to sound better than ever.  Custom fairings and bags allow for the installation of high-quality audio head units and marine grade speakers which are made of waterproof and resistant materials that suit the open-air nature of a motorcycle.  A good audio system that is fully integrated into a motorcycle will not have to be recharged like a Bluetooth speaker, and depending on the size bags and fairings on your bike, multiple speakers of various sizes, like subwoofers and tweeters, can be installed to provide a sound quality that will rival any home or audio sound system.  But with so many options out there, where are the best accessories for bagger motorcycles found?

Garage Bagger Stereo

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