What Are Marine Speakers?


The Popularity of Marine Stereo Systems


Over the past one hundred years, the popularity of speakers and sound system equipment has become greater than ever.  Back in the early days, a person would be lucky to even have access to a radio, and it would typically be a simple device with one basic speaker housed in a wooden box.  As technology progressed, so did people's love for music and their ability to listen to it.  Household radios became more commonplace, and portable radios and record players allowed people to take their music with them, but the most significant advancement was the invention of the automobile radio.

Automotive manufacturers and aftermarket stereo equipment companies started to produce stereo systems for vehicles that could rival home entertainment systems, and these did not need a standalone power source since they were connected to the automobile's battery and charging system.  Now it is almost impossible to find a new car or truck that does not come standard with a state of the art audio system, so the popularity of upgrading sound systems has started to transition from automobiles to motorcycles, ATVs, and boats. 

The popularity of marine stereo systems is at an all-time high, and this spike in popularity is due to several reasons, with the first being that boating and spending time on the water is more popular than ever.  Everyone enjoys spending time on their favorite river, local lake, or fishing off the coast, and being able to listen to your favorite music while out on the water really adds to the experience and makes for a fun and relaxing time.  The next big reason that marine stereo systems are so popular is that the quality of sound that is available nowadays is better than ever due to the high quality speakers and sound equipment that is currently on the market.  Spending time out on the water should be a relaxing experience, and having a great boat stereo system should be a must have for anyone that is looking to upgrade their experience.


What are Marine Speakers?

Most people are familiar with speakers and sound systems in general.  Whether it’s a sound bar connected to a TV, a speaker tower for a vintage record player, a subwoofer in the trunk of a car, or the tiny speaker inside of a mobile phone, people use speakers every day to listen to the music and shows that they love.  So what exactly is a marine speaker, and what makes it different from the rest of these?  A marine speaker is exactly what its name entails, it is a speaker designed and engineered for marine applications.  This means that a marine speaker is designed to be exposed to water and outside elements that most other types of speakers are not suited for.  They have to be more durable than the average speaker and are made out of components that are waterproof, water resistant, and often have a better sound quality than a typical speaker so that they will perform well in an outside environment.


Durability and Materials in Boat Speakers


A marine speaker found in a boat will be exposed to many elements that other speakers will not have to deal with.  Being exposed to fresh water and especially salt water, can cause corrosion, and moisture in the air will also cause issues even if water is not directly splashed onto the speakers.  Prolonged exposure to sunlight and harmful ultraviolet rays will also cause damage, so a boat speaker will need to be constructed from the best possible materials and well engineered and assembled to be able to stand the test of time and perform as expected. 

Speaker housings for boats and marine speakers themselves are built from high quality plastics and metal components that are water-resistant and repellant to keep the inner workings of the speaker corrosion free and rust free.  These plastic and metal components are also made to a higher standard than other speakers due to the fact that they will not only spend a lot of time exposed to water, but also to sunlight.  A speaker that is part of a home stereo or car stereo will not spend as much time out in the sun as compared to the system installed on a boat, so a marine speaker has been designed and engineered to withstand long exposure to sunlight without fading, cracking, or warping which will allow you many years of use that a standard speaker could not provide.


Sound Intensity of Boat Speakers

Marine speakers not only have to be better designed than regular speakers due to the outside elements they come into contact with, such as water and sunlight, but they also need to have higher sound quality due to the environments they are expected to perform in.  Unlike a home or automobile stereo system where you are listening from inside an enclosed space, boat speakers have to perform in an open outdoor environment which can produce all manner of sounds and noises.  Noise from wind and waves are some of the biggest and most obvious outdoor noises that a marine speaker will have to compete with, but there are many others, such as engine noise, other boaters, other people, and even other music. 

A good quality boat speaker that is made of high quality materials will not only perform well in harsh environments, but the higher quality of the speaker will also provide better sound intensity in those same environments.   This will allow you to hear the best sound quality that is available that will drown out outside noises, and this focus on quality above quantity means that you won’t have to turn the volume all the way up just to be able to listen to and understand what you are listening too. 


Importance of Using Marine Speakers


If you are looking to install a sound system on your boat or upgrade your existing marine stereo, then it is extremely important to use high quality marine speakers.  Marine speakers are built to the highest standards and will be able to operate in extreme conditions.  They can handle exposure to water and moisture that other speakers can’t, and their high quality components allow them to spend extended hours exposed to direct sunlight without being damaged.  Marine speakers will also give you a better sound quality than traditional speakers due to the fact they are designed to be used in an outdoor environment, and their sound intensity will help drown out many of the noises and sounds that you will be exposed to out in the open. 

Probably the best reason to use marine speakers is the fact that they will save you money over time.  If you are using cheap generic speakers that were not designed for a marine application, then you will find yourself having to replace them on a regular basis, which is both expensive and time consuming.  A standard speaker will not be able to handle the elements like a specifically engineered marine speaker can, and sunlight and exposure to moisture in the air will cause premature failure unless your speakers are designed to perform well in these conditions, making marine speakers a must.

Another important use for marine speakers that is growing in popularity is their use in motorcycle sound systems.  Motorcycles are subject to exposure to the same elements as a boat due to their open platform.  The freedom you experience from riding a bike also means you are subject to direct sunlight, moisture in the air, and even rain and water, so it makes sense that you would need a durable waterproof speaker, and a marine speaker is the perfect choice.  By installing the right speakers for your boat or motorcycle, you will save yourself the trouble of having to replace them too soon or often.


Garage Bagger Stereo

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