Top 2021 Charity Motorcycle Rides in the U.S.


As the temperatures are warming up, that means it’s time to hop on your bike and hit the open road. While you may have several 2021 travel plans, be sure to attend some motorcycle charity rides and events. These events are scheduled throughout the year, and they’re found across the entire country.

While there are a wide variety of charity rides to attend, we’ve created a list of the leading events in 2021. Keep reading to learn about the top 2021 charity rides in the U.S.

1. 2021 Niles Burn Run

Located at Riverfront Park in Niles, Michigan, the 2021 Niles Burn Run is a charity event you don’t want to miss. The event is held from Friday, June 25th to Sunday, June 27th. The weekend is filled with music, an arm-wrestling tournament, and of course an incredible bike ride that benefits charity! The event is expecting 800 bikes for the Big Ride on Sunday, with proceeds benefiting the Great Lakes Burn Camp. This event helps to raise money for children who have struggled with burn trauma. In 2019, the Niles Burn Run helped to raise over $13,000

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2. Oscar Mike Independence Ride

For an exciting day packed with live music, vendors, and tons of motorcycles, head over to the Oscar Mike Independence Ride. The event is scheduled for Saturday, July 3rd, from 8 am to 4 pm. Held by The Oscar Mike Foundation, this is the first annual Independence Ride! The ride starts and ends at Woodstock Harley Davidson in Woodstock, IL. All proceeds from the event go to The Oscar Mike Foundation, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on helping injured veterans stay active and live a healthy lifestyle.

3. 2021 Mom Charity Poker Run

The 2021 Mom Charity Poker Run is a charity event held on July 10th, 2020 in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Featuring over 100 miles of breathtaking scenery, this ride is a must-see! With multiple stops along the way, including a 50/50 raffle, great music, and amazing food, this will be a summer charity ride to remember. The event even ends with a delicious BBQ dinner! Proceeds from the 2021 Mom Charity Poker Run benefit Camp Quality Ohio, an organization that helps young cancer patients live happy, fulfilling lives. Camp Quality Ohio not only provides a fun summer camp for kids, but they also offer year-round programs to boost the quality of life for these children.

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4. A.B.A.T.E. of Iowa Freedom Rally

Are you ready for one of the most popular charity rides of the entire year? For the past 36 years, A.B.A.T.E. of Iowa has been proud to sponsor the Freedom Rally. Motorcycle enthusiasts throughout Iowa and beyond attend this event every single year. Proceeds of the rally benefit A.B.A.T.E. of Iowa, Inc., which is an organization focused on motorcycle rider education. As rider error is the leading cause of most single-vehicle crashes, A.B.A.T.E. of Iowa, Inc. is focused on educating motorcycle riders to drive more safely on the road. The organization provides several courses to help riders of all skill levels. The Freedom Rally is an amazing event filled with tons of activities for the whole family! From duck races and tattoo contests to RV camping and musical performances, this is an event you need to attend!

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5. Ride for Hope

The 9th annual Ride for Hope is a charity event held on Sunday, June 13th, in Milford, Connecticut. This ride features a BBQ lunch, music, a 50/50 raffle, and much more! Proceeds of the event go to The Milford Prevention Council, which holds programs for underage drinking, vaping, and substance use. The motorcycle ride is a 70-mile journey with incredible views. The ride lasts around two hours, ending with a catered BBQ by Lasse’s Restaurant at the local YMCA.

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6. Ride for Kids 2021

On September 12th, multiple locations across the country are holding an event to benefit the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Rides are held in California, Nevada, Texas, New York, North Carolina, and many other states. Thanks to the help of Ride for Kids supporters, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation has funded more than $47 million in brain tumor research. This organization has helped to find effective therapies for those struggling with this disease today.

Garage Bagger Stereo: Your Motorcycle Audio Experts

While 2021 is filled with several charity rides and events, there are plenty of opportunities to support great causes. No matter where you live, there’s most likely a fun and exciting charity event close to you. As the summertime temperatures are here, there's no better time to hit the open road.

Before driving out to these amazing events, you’ll want to ensure your motorcycle audio system is good to go. While you’re riding around with your closest friends, adding your favorite tunes makes it that much more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for Harley Davidson audio equipment or even motorcycle stereo installation tips, choose Garage Bagger Stereo today!

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