How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Speakers

A motorcycle stereo system isn't just an accessory—it's a game-changer that elevates your riding experience to new heights. Imagine cruising down the open road on your Harley Davidson or Indian Motorcycle, with your favorite music filling the air through a premium sound system. The sheer variety of options available can make selecting the right motorcycle audio system overwhelming, but that's where we come in.

With Garage Bagger Stereo's carefully curated selection, choosing a system that delivers unbeatable sound quality tailored to your motorcycle model has never been easier. Keep reading our detailed buyer's guide that will help you transform your ride into a symphony on wheels.

Your Guide To Choosing the Best Motorcycle Speakers

Choosing the ideal motorcycle speaker system isn't easy. Whether you're the kind of rider who wants something loud and powerful or something simple and straightforward, there's a motorcycle audio system out there for you.

Follow these steps for choosing the perfect speakers:

1. Prepare for the Weather

Mother Nature is a powerful force. When she wants to make her presence known, nothing stands in her way. Even if you only ride on sunny days, you never know when rain, heavy winds, or a variety of other damaging weather conditions will roll through. That said, you’ll want to purchase all-weather motorcycle speakers. 

In addition, prioritize speakers that are dust-resistant. When you're shopping around, look for options that can still work effectively when dirty or dusty. Even a speck of sand can impact the performance of a motorcycle audio system, so you'll want to ensure your speakers have the durability you can trust.

If you’re searching for the best 6x9 speakers that are also weatherproof, consider the Cicada Audio Coaxial Speaker here at Garage Bagger Stereo. With 500WRMA MAX power handling capabilities, you'll be jamming your favorite tunes while staying protected from the elements. Don't forget to purchase your all-weather amplifier as well!

2. Consider the Power

A leading consideration when choosing speakers for your motorcycle is the energy that’ll be powering your sound system. For this, you’ll need an amplifier.

However, not just any amplifier will do, you need one that works for your needs. To achieve this, think about everything in your speaker kit that needs power. This includes your motorcycle speakers, tweeters, radio, and possibly a subwoofer. Because all of this equipment needs the right amount of power to work effectively, look for amplifiers to keep up with the demand.

Another consideration is the potential volume of your music. To drown out road noise, wind, and the loud exhaust of your bike, you need an amplifier that produces high volume. Before choosing a motorcycle sound system, make sure you consider all the noise you may encounter while driving.

To find a speaker system that produces impeccable sound quality, look for speakers with large-diameter voice coils. These help to increase audio volume without reducing quality.

Here at Garage Bagger Stereo, we’re happy to carry all-weather amplifier options with incredible power. If you’re looking for a top-notch product, check out our American Hard Bag Aggressor Pro 880 Twin 8" Full Range Woofer Mount!

3. Think About Speaker Wattage

When you're comparing motorcycle speakers, you'll want to focus on the wattage. The lower the wattage, the quieter and less powerful your speakers will be. Not only can this mean a lower sound volume, but the performance of the speakers can also drop.

While wattage is indeed a crucial factor to consider when shopping for motorcycle speakers, it's not the only one. Another important technical specification to pay attention to is the ohm rating. The ohm rating of a speaker refers to its electrical resistance, and most car and motorcycle speakers are typically rated at 4 ohms. A 4-ohm speaker will generally offer better sound quality and be more efficient at turning your bike's electrical power into sound.

The size of the speakers also matters, especially in a setting like a motorcycle where space is at a premium. When considering different types of speakers, you'll often see sizes mentioned in inches. Ranging from smaller 4-inch motorcycle speakers to larger 6x9-inch speakers, the right decision depends on where you intend to mount them—handlebars, fairing, or rear location.

For Harley Davidson Motorcycle enthusiasts looking to take their audio experience to the next level, a full audio package is worth considering. These comprehensive systems usually include two woofers, two tweeters, and two external crossovers, designed to deliver exceptional sound quality. With its advanced features and powerful output, they can transform your riding experience, making every journey a memorable one.

By keeping these factors in mind—wattage, ohm rating, speaker size, and your individual riding conditions—you'll be better equipped to choose the right speakers that not only suit your motorcycle but also enhance your on-the-road audio experience.

4. Mounting Options

When it comes to speaker placement on your motorcycle, your options can significantly impact both aesthetics and audio performance. Whether you're choosing rear-mounted speakers, handlebar speakers, or even helmet speakers, the location will influence how well the music complements your ride. If top-tier sound quality is what you're after, handlebar-mounted speakers are an excellent choice. These are strategically positioned to project sound more directly toward the rider, delivering cleaner and crisper audio as you cruise down the road.

Another compelling option for those keen on superior audio performance is fairing speakers. These speakers are integrated into the motorcycle fairing, the front shell that helps with aerodynamics, and houses various accessories like lights and gauges. Fairing speakers often offer an optimal blend of performance and aesthetics, seamlessly fitting into your bike's design while providing robust sound quality that competes with ambient noise on the road.

For riders interested in powerful, high-quality speakers, take a look at Garage Bagger PRV Audio 8MR500CF-NDY-4 Midrange Speakers. These aren't just any speakers; they're 8-inch coaxial marine speakers designed to withstand the elements. With a whopping combined peak power of 1200 watts, these speakers truly pack a punch, promising not just volume but also clarity and depth in audio quality. Plus, their ease of installation means you'll be able to enjoy your upgraded sound system sooner rather than later.

So whether you opt for handlebar-mounted, fairing speakers, or some other placement, make sure to consider how each option meets your needs for sound quality, aesthetics, and overall riding experience.

5. Features and Add-Ons

In today's age of technological advancements, the landscape of motorcycle audio has been transformed. Modern motorcycle speakers are not just about sound quality anymore; they're about providing a versatile and interconnected experience. Harley Davidson audio equipment, as well as other brands, have moved far beyond basic speaker setups to offer an array of features that were once unthinkable on a bike. From Harley 6x9 speaker lids that provide superior sound projection to Bluetooth motorcycle speakers that allow for seamless smartphone connectivity, the options are plentiful.

Many of today's high-tech systems also offer thumb controls, meaning you can easily switch tracks, adjust volume, or even take a phone call without ever removing your hands from the handlebars. This feature is particularly handy when you're cruising down the highway and want to remain as focused as possible on the road. In addition to thumb controls, other functionalities to consider include remote control capabilities, voice control, and smartphone apps that offer fine-grained control over your audio settings.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the wealth of choices, don't hesitate to reach out to experts in the field. Contacting Garage Bagger Stereo can provide you with valuable insights tailored to your specific needs. We can guide you through the various system add-ons and feature sets to ensure you're investing in a setup that will truly bring your audio experience to life.

So, whether you're in the market for speaker lids, looking to upgrade your 8-inch coaxial marine speakers, or seeking a radio with Bluetooth connectivity, Garage Bagger Stereo has a wide range of high-quality options that will exceed your expectations.


Upgrading to high-quality motorcycle speakers is more than just a luxury—it's an enhancement that can transform your entire riding experience. Picture yourself cruising down the highway on a beautiful day with the ideal audio system delivering crisp and powerful sound. That's the experience Garage Bagger Stereo aims to offer.

As a trusted retailer, we not only carry a selection of industry-leading audio products from renowned manufacturers, but we also provide comprehensive support for your motorcycle stereo installation. From selling essential installation products to offering an array of tips and resources, we're with you every step of the way. And to sweeten the deal, we offer free shipping on qualifying orders over $275.

So why wait? Elevate your riding experience to new auditory heights. Check out Garage Bagger Stereo today for the ultimate motorcycle audio solutions!

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