4 Different Battery Options for Motorcycles


As you’re flying down the road on your motorcycle, there are a lot of working parts that are making the drive possible. While you may think the engine is the force behind your bike, your battery also powers your motorcycle to work effectively. However, if you’re in the market for a new motorcycle battery, there are some important factors to consider.

Keep reading to learn about the different types of motorcycle battery options out there, including which one to choose for your bike.

What is the Purpose of a Motorcycle Battery?

Just like in a car, a motorcycle battery is used for cranking on the bike, powering the lights, lighting up your gear, and energizing your motorcycle stereo system. Today, motorcycle batteries are extremely dependable. In fact, most riders don’t even think about them until they die out. Motorcycle batteries are usually small and compact, typically hidden away inside your bike.

4 Factors to Consider

Before choosing a battery for your ride, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are some factors to consider before making a new battery purchase:

1. Polarity

As every motorcycle battery has a certain polarity, you’ll want to check this before installing a new motorcycle battery. If you don’t, there could be a connection issue or the cables may not be long enough for the new battery.

2. Battery Size

While almost all motorcycles need a battery, they aren’t all the same size. That said, it’s essential to check what size you need before purchasing a new battery.

3. Starting Power (CCA)

Every motorcycle battery comes with a certain starting power. This number refers to Cold Cranking Amps, or CCA. This represents the amperes a battery can provide over a 30 second period. The higher the number, the easier it is for the battery to start the motor.

4. Technology

Especially nowadays, batteries are made with tons of technology and features. While these can be meaningful for some, they may be useless to others. Before choosing a battery, consider what battery is best for your needs. All battery types have different advantages and disadvantages to consider.

4 Different Battery Options

If you’re in the market for a new battery, you shouldn’t choose just any option—there’s a battery out there that’s ideal for your bike. 

Below you’ll find a list of the battery options on the market, including some pros and cons to consider:

1. Standard lead-acid batteries

This battery type has been around for quite some time. In fact, this technology dates back all the way to 1859. This was when French physicist Gaston Planté invented the very first rechargeable battery. These batteries function due to an electrochemical reaction between lead and sulfuric acid. The lead is found in various plates, which helps to create a cell that produces two volts of electricity. In a common 12-volt motorcycle battery, you can find six cells. The plates are found suspended in a solution of water and sulfuric acid, referred to as an electrolyte.

As the electrical current is pulled from the battery, the acid in the electrolyte reacts and bonds with the lead. This will leave behind just the water. When the battery is charged, the process works in reverse; the acid goes back into the electrolyte solution. During a charge, some water molecules form hydrogen and oxygen gases. These are typically released through battery vent tubes.

2. Gel cell or sealed (maintenance-free batteries)

These batteries work similarly to the option above, but they don’t release gas through a vent tube. Instead, the gases are trapped and reused. These batteries also have silica that’s added to the electrolyte, which forms a gel that covers the plates. This feature allows these batteries to be placed in different positions without leaking. One popular sealed battery type is called a Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery (VRLA). When these batteries are charged, the gases are reused. This means you never have to perform any maintenance tasks.

3. AGM batteries

AGM batteries are another battery type, which stands for Absorbed Glass Mat. Dating back to the 1970s, these options contain small glass fibers that are woven together. This process creates mats, which hold the electrolyte solution on the lead plates. While the glass fibers don’t bond with the electrolyte, they create a matrix that suspends the solution. This AGM motorcycle batter is a type of VRLA battery. The only maintenance tasks involve cleaning the outside of the unit, including the terminals.

4. Lithium-ion and beyond

Aside from an AGM motorcycle battery, we also have lithium-ion batteries. These are up-and-coming, powerful batteries that can provide tons of power for your bike. Although a lithium motorcycle battery is pricier than the alternatives, they’re a lighter option. As more electric motorcycles are produced, these will be made with lithium-ion technology. Just like all other batteries, you’ll also need a lithium battery charger.

Batteries at Garage Bagger Stereo

Looking for a Harley battery? Whatever bike you ride, we have the perfect battery for you. As Garage Bagger Stereo is the leader in motorcycle audio, we carry several battery options to give your bike the power it needs. Whether you need a Harley Davidson motorcycle batter or something for another bike, we’ve got you covered. We also carry a few motorcycle battery charger options!

Check out some of our top batteries and chargers below:

G20-GreenLite Lithium Battery

This is a lightweight yet powerful motorcycle battery that can supercharge all your bike’s needs. These batteries also last extremely long, up to 3-5 times longer than other batteries on the market. They’re also 100% compatible with all standard charging systems.

G30H-GreenLite (Harley Davidson) Replacement Battery

This incredible battery is made exclusively for large Harley touring motorcycles with upgraded stereos, lights, and other equipment. That said, this battery has tons of power. They are also very lightweight!

XS Power PS925 Harley Davidson/Powersport Battery

This AGM motorcycle battery comes loaded with 12-volts, 640 Cold Cranking Amps, and 32 Amp Hours. It also has an incredible 1500-watt capacity, which can effectively power your stereo system and everything else!

Garage Bagger Stereo is happy to provide some of the best batteries in the industry. Whether you need a high-quality battery or a motorcycle battery charger, we have the perfect products for your needs!

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