Cicada Audio CM65 Midrange Speakers 6.5" (2Ω and 4Ω)

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6.5" 2Ω OR 4Ω High Performance Mid Bass Speaker

The new Cicada Audio CM65 speakers are a great solution for 2014 and later Harley baggers and other motorcycles . But…these speakers are NOT an easy fit into most Fairings. These speakers are an easy fit ..BUT…. DO require an additional tweeter location on the fairing.  These are MIDBASS speakers, NOT woofers and NOT “Full -Range”. They do simply bolt into the factory speaker locations (OK…typically a slight modification is needed – heat gun and a little “massaging” of the stock speaker enclosure.

Available in 4Ω or 2Ω …the 2Ω get more output with smaller higher efficiency / lower output amplifiers and don’t NEED a giant “current hog” for an amplifier to drive these. 


  • 500WRMS/1000 MAX Power Handling- PAIR
  • Frequency Response: 75Hz -10Khz+/-5dB
  • Neodymium High Energy/ Light Weight N35 Magnet structure
  • Heavy Duty / Die-cast Aluminum Basket
  • 2.0” 2Ω or 4Ω/ High Temp Voice Coil (Black Coat™) Voice Coil MidBass
  • Shortening Ring for the Ultimate in speaker control
  • Advanced Voice Coil Heat Sink Design for Better Heat Dissipation
  • High Sensitivity: 94dB / 99dB 1W/1M Average (1W/1M – 2.83V)
  • Total Diameter: 6.5” / 165mm
  • Mounting Depth: 3.0” / 76.2mm
  • Mounting Diameter: 5.7” / 145.5mm
  • Weather treated


Fits all ’14 & up batwing fairings (Street Glide, Electra Glide, Ultra). Fits ’15 & up Road Glide with slight modification to fairing speaker pods (heat gun is used to make a little more room for the magnet). Fits ’13 and down batwing fairings if you grind off the small plastic rib on the inside of the outer fairing. Does not fit ’13 and down Road Glide this adapter kit, , tour pack location on Ultra models, or lower fairings without custom fabrication or these spacers. . 

These drivers handle more power, are louder, play lower, with more authority and sound better right out of the box than any other pro audio type speaker for Harley applications. We’ve built these speakers with the best materials we can use and keep sensitivity and sound quality as high as possible. With 2-inch voice coils on the MidBass driver we’ve built in extreme sensitivity for unreal output and high heat dissipation. Light weight neodymium magnets, high sensitivity, cast frame, trick dust cap to improve sound, these speakers are way beyond all the competition.   Pair these with our Ring Radiator Horn tweeters (RR1T or the super shallow RR075T) and you have a winning combination.

The cone materials, surround and Powder Coat finishes have passed extensive UV exposure testing to ensure these speakers will look and sound amazing for years to come.  Yes, they are paper cones. So you have to think…”Why” would Cicada Audio use treated paper?  They could have used Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Polypropylene, any number of “cooler” materials.  Great that you asked!  It is because we STILL have not found a better sounding…OR as light a material as paper.  And the weight of the cone changes EVERYTHING. 

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